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Re: Re: Teaching Children to Be Generous


    My daughter is only three..and has a hard time giving things away. After trying to explain to her how nice it is to give things to children without any toys, without any give on her part..I settled on boxing up the toys I know she doesn’t play with while she’s at her fathers. I keep them for about a week or two, and if she doesn’t go looking for a specific toy that I boxed up, I give it away. To be fair, I do the same thing with myself. I’m a huge packrat. When I’m cleaning out my closet (And I have to do this atleast once a month..gah!) I put the things I don’t use, but don’t want to give away in boxes..keep them for awhile, and if I don’t go looking for anything in those boxes, I just give them away without opening them again. This makes me feel better about doing it to my dd. I feek guilty about giving away her toys, even though she has about three times the amount of things she could ever play with, and you can barely walk through her room :| I’ve also started asking relatives to give to her education fund, or clothing other than giving her toys for holidays. We have a VERY large family (I have nine siblings) so she certainly doesn’t need a new toy from each family member, and when they give even $20 to her college fund for a birthday/xmas etc, it will add up over time.
    Good luck!