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Re: Re: Termites


    I live in a “termite area” as well.  We once thought we had termites (false alarm that time) and the inspection people advised that some of the old house (of which mine was one) were painted with a creosote substance that if left undisturbed protected the wood. Recently I was looking for large quantities of tung oil (for unrelated project). While discussing “my” situation with the guy at the paint store he suggested that the treatment of the wood might work as a deterrent to termite infestation. He was going to do some research on the topic. I have not had occasion to either talk to him or do any research. It is possible that you might be able to use that once you have gotten rid of the termites.  Sometimes the infestation can be limited to certain boards. A professional can advise you on that topic. The inspection is often free. We have had very good experiences with companies we’ve called. They have given us advice for free when there was nothing to treat. I don’t feel they have attempted to hustle us at all. Good luck.