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Re: Re: What are some of your frugal tips?


    Ok, here’s where I’ll really get jumped on. I live in AL
    but last year my heating gas bill really jumped, even though
    I only heat a few rooms and keep the rest closed off. From
    what everyone says, this year will be much worse. Tonight it’s supposed to go down to 23 degrees, with a high today of about 44 degrees. Now hear this: I HAVE YET TO TURN ON MY HEAT! Yep, you read correctly. Now, I know I could go out to the woods and cut up some firewood, but I’m not a country boy, so I rejected that idea. Right now I’m wearing two jackets, scarf and a knit cap and I’m quite snug. My legs are a little cold. I may have to put on the thermal underwear!
    At night We have an electric blanket, so we’re nice and toasty. My daughter works all day in a heated office. There
    are no small children here. Yes, I know I sound crazy. What
    about keeping my water from freezing? Well, I don’t heat the
    bathroom, so I’ve always had to keep the faucet dripping when it goes below 27 degrees. We use an electric space heater in there when we’re taking a bath or shower. Even though we have an automatic gas water heater, I turn it WAY DOWN when we’re not taking a bath. No, I certainly do NOT
    recommend that any of you take these extreme measures to
    keep your expenses down. You’d have to be crazy like me! It usually doesn’t get REAL cold here until January. When my
    face starts turning blue I’ll probably change my mind. I’m
    curious to see what my gas bill will be this month. Maybe $20? Let’s wait and see!