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Re: Re: What are some of your frugal tips?


    Hi there….  my first post on this Forum.

    I am quite new to the “frugal lifestyle” and find myself feeling pretty darn good about myself!

    In the course of 2 months, I have saved several thousand dollars by the following:

    1. Reviewing and downsizing my car and home insurance to more standard levels (saved about $1500 per year now!)

    2. Gave up smoking (as of Valentine’s Day!) in one year’s time, I will have saved about $3000

    3. Will be selling my expensive sports car (I also have a daily-driver, a Toyota) and pay off my mortgage with that money.

    4.  Will save $2000 a year on garaging the sports car.

    5.  Dropped down my monthly cable bill by $100 – going from the platinum package ($120) to the basic cable rate ($15)as I watch more DVD’s than regular TV anyway!

    6.  I do not rent DVD’s at all….  I usually borrow them from my local library (about 2 blocks from my house) and those that I KNOW I will watch often, are those that I buy – on sale only.

    7.  I take the commuter train into work each day, rather than driving.  Saves gas, mileage, and a lot of stress.  My employer subsidizes a portion of the monthly train ticket/pass.

    8.  I dropped my fast DSL internet connection to a slower version of the same DSL – I same more than 50% and barely notice any real difference in speed.  

    9.  I now brew my own coffee each morning and bring to work in a thermos.  I save a LOT of money doing this – instead of going to a coffee shop which charges $3 for a small capuccino.  

    OK, those are the main highlights….  Considering just how short a time I have been thinking about being more frugal and saving myself a lot of stress, I am completely shocked at how much I have saved – both in immediate terms as well as over the course of a year.  I have not really “lost” anything at all, and have gained so much more….

    I am very grateful for this site and all of you who have shared some wonderful tips and ideas.   Thanks!