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Re: Re: What are some of your frugal tips?


    My sister makes cleaning towels from old T-shirts, sheets and towels to use instead of paper towels.  My sister hems them so they don’t fray and can be washed and reused.  I use a timer on my water heater which has been saving me a lot more than I thought it would.  I put curtains on the outside of my bay window.  I did this to prevent the sun from hitting the glass and heating it then letting the heat enter my home during the summer here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In the winter I block air holes ad put heavy duty inslated curtains on the inside.  I open the curtains when the sun hits the glass (during the morning at my home) and close them when it moves away.  I hang my clothes on racks inside the house to dry them.  One load fits my large rack and a smaller one.  I do one load a day and then iron his shirts and pants while they are damp so I don’t have to use the steam setting as often.  I usually use a dobbie pad (scrubber) and water to clean.

     I santize surfaces first with either perioxide or vinegar.  I let each sit 1-2 minutes before removing them then rinising with water.  I never mix them because of the reaction they could cause together.  What are your formulas for clothes soap and your cleaning products?