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    Yes, I believe that ING is offering a good rate too.
    Several banks and financial institutions are ‘jumping on
    the bandwagon’ with good rates. Check in your Sunday paper
    Financial/Money section. Many newspapers have charts
    showing rates being paid. Don’t feel you must limit
    yourself to local banks, unless you’re putting ALL your
    savings in there. Out-Of-Town banks usually offer much
    better rates on CDs. They are 100% SAFE, as they are all
    FEDERALLY INSURED. Some will not give good rates on CDs in
    amounts under $5000 or $10,000. If there is any doubt in
    your mind, ask them! The post prior to yours….seemed to
    cast doubt on putting money in HSBC Bank. That’s what
    FEDERALLY INSURED means. Your money is safe! I don’t care
    how many ‘bad mortgages’ a bank has. They are insured.
    PayPal? I use PayPal all the time when I buy things on
    eBay. It would be too easy for me to spend my savings!
    Also, I notice many NEWER BANKS are offering much better
    rates. Don’t feel you have to use the bank down the street.
    It’s too easy to run over there and withdraw your money.
    You’re trying to SAVE your money, not draw it out every
    time you see something pretty at the store!