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Re: Re: What are some of your frugal tips?


    The post office is where you can save a LOT of money,if
    you’re careful. First,in buying stamps…be sure you buy
    the stamps that do NOT have 39¢ printed on them. Why?
    Because several months from now the first-class postal
                             rates are going up, BUT any stamps you have on hand can
    still be used! That’s right, no more going down and buying
    1¢,2¢ and 3¢ stamps. When you’re mailing books, be sure to
    specify BOOK RATE. When mailing videos, DVDs or CDs,
    specify MEDIA MAIL. Most other things can be sent FIRST
    CLASS MAIL, unless they’re quite heavy. Don’t automatically
    send everything PRIORITY MAIL ! It’s NOT NECESSARY
    and you’re paying the USPS more than you need to. You may
    need to make a point to tell the clerk you do NOT want it sent
    priority mail. I believe the USPS has been pushing their clerks
    to try to send more things priority mail. If you can,
    send heavier packages by UPS(United Parcel Service).There
    are more and more places that will accept UPS packages, like
    grocery stores, etc. Why? UPS gives you $100 INSURANCE Free.