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    Any of you awesome People still out there. I just read this entire thread and see it stopped about 6 months ago. I want to be Frugal so bad and I am starting now. Gee, I just figured I spend 120.00 dollars a month on Coffee and a Paper!! That is my start , no more coffee at the general store. One thing I have done for years and is a good tip for you all, I have purchased all my furniture,rugs,decor from Estate Auctions or Yard Sales. I do not buy new as they don’t hold any value and it is not made anywhere near as good as the old stuff. My bedroom set is solid Cherry and is timeless. The set new if I could find one as nice would cost me 5K or more. My set only cost 250.00 and it is awesome. I do buy new beds and bedding however, I do have my limits there. I cannot give up drying my clothes in the dryer as I love soft dry clothes and I did the clothesline method for many years and did not care for outdoor smell and stiff clothes. I am a NEWBIE and I cannot thank you all enough for all the great posts. Happy New Year!!