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Re: Re: What are some of your frugal tips?


    My friends and family have always laughed at what I have done to save $….but, with the cost of everything skyrocketing they are just smiling at me now.

    I sew a lot and always have scraps of pretty cooton left over.  If the piece is at least 13×13 I make a hankie.  I have a drawer full of them and never have to use tissue.  

    I have spray bottles filled with 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar in each bathroom and the kitchen.  I have found this mixture cleans everything and does a wonderful job on mirrors and windows.

    I put 1/2 cup of vinegar in a gallon of hot water to wash my floors.

    I divide snacks in individual serving jars.  I get such a kick out of seeing my grandchildren  grab a jar of yogurt or a jar with a few cubes of cheese from the fridge.  If they go to the cupboard they’ll find jars containing peanuts, raisins or crackers in sizes just for them.  I have found you can pre-pack almost anything your family snacks on…try frozen grapes…yum.  Doing this manages portions, allows you to buy in bulk, keeps sticky little hands out of cracker boxes and fills your kitchen with healthy, well proportioned food.

    I have tons of cleaning rags and don’t use paper towels.

    And….now….even though my head is filled with other things to say….I am embarassed to have gone on this long.