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Re: Re: What are some of your frugal tips?


    Wash laundry in cold water only
    Line dry clothes
    Use 1/2 the recommended amount of laundry detergent
    Only use the dishwasher when full (for us it's every third day)
    use 1/2 recommended amount of dishwasher soap
    Turn oven or burners off (usually) about 5 minutes before the item is done
    Use crock pots or solar cookers instead of the oven (they use a lot less power)
    Take showers instead of baths
    Only lather your hair up once (don't rinse and repeat)
    Use only a tiny bit of shampoo not the amount stated
    Use apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair
    Turn the water in the shower off when you are lathering up
    Turn the water in the sink off when you brush your teeth
    Use of towel to dry off with more then once
    Only run your clothes washer or dish washer when full
    Stop paying for TV. Get an antenna it is free.
    Stop paying the phone company consider something like Magic Jack ($6 a month and unlimited US long distance)
    Don't pay for the newspaper or magazines most can be found online
    Use the internet at the library for free
    Compare auto insurance prices every other year
    Increase your auto deductible
    Carpool or ride public transportation
    Consolidate your errands – less driving
    Don't eat out
    Brown bag your work lunch and coffee
    Shop at the Salvation Army
    If you buy something new something old MUST be donated or given away
    Talk with neighbors who have gardens about taking their extra produce off their hands
    Talk to neighbors with fruit trees about using the fruit instead of it rotting on the ground
    Consider drying fruit for winter time snacks
    Grow your own marijuana outside (no expensive lighting, dehumdifiers or special set ups)
    Use left over coffee to water plants
    Make your own cleaners (cheaper and no harmful chemicals)
    Use only a small dab of toothpaste
    If you have a choice go with hardwood flooring instead of carpeting (easier to clean and more sanitary)
    Consider having a garage sale to get rid of your extra stuff
    Cut your own hair
    Buy good quality clothing from places like the Salvation Army
    Start walking more
    Consider a wood stove
    Offer to clean up after DIY'ers for free fire wood
    Offer to clean up dead trees for free wood
    Use the ashes from your wood stove as an additive to soil (plants love potash)
    If possible think about getting chickens (natural bug eaters and fresh eggs too)

    And more….