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    Water is expensive where we live because we're on a private system.  So, we have landscaped with native plants so we don't have to waste a lot of water in the yard.

    That means getting rid of all that grass and adding deciduous bushes and trees that the birds like and that will shade the house for less energy use in summer and winter.

    I like this conversation between God and St. Francis:

    Here's a link to ways to water lawn more efficiently:

    Another thing we do is not to let the water run (like while brushing teeth or washing vegetables – we soak them in a bowl of water with Sunshine Concentrate to get the chemicals off).  We also don't turn it on full force.  This can cut your water bill greatly along with not taking “forever” showers that last 20 minutes.

    Cutting the power bill just takes setting up new habits.  When we were raising our son it we taught him to turn off the lights and ceiling fans any time he left a room that had nobody left in it.  We still do that.  Don't tell yourself you'll be right back – you'll get distracted and come back hours later.  We also do this on the thermostat when we leave the house and go to bed.  We don't need a programmable one when our minds are already programmed.

    Matter of fact, it's a family funny about it since he lived with his grandparents while taking a new job in their city.  They might all be sitting in the family room talking and Ben would get up to leave and turn the lights off.  Don't you wish all the things you taught your children were so ingrained?  :D

    Pulling the plug on all those appliances and electronics that use power even when they're off can make a dent also.  They're said to be 5% of your bill.