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Re: Re: What Do You DO to Save on Utilites? Ý Ý


    1.  Limit TV, Computer, and Video Game time (schedule) for the children.
    2.  Unplug or turn appliances off with a power bar when not in use.
    3.  Make coffee and use a Carafe instead of leaving the pot on (save electricity and wear and tear on the coffee maker).
    4.  Use crock pot as much as possible.  This and cooking double meals — eat half and freeze the rest.
    5.  Take advantage of natural light during the day.
    6.  Line dry as much as possible.
    7.  When running hot water, I use a rubber made tub to catch the cold H2O until it comes to temp.  I put cold water which would have run down the drain into the washing machine or use it for watering plants, dog or cat.  It really adds up!
    8.  Also use tubs when I wash dishes.  a. They hold less water than my double sink.  b. rinse water can be used in the washing machine or for flushing.
    9.  Bathe every other day w/ sponge bath inbetween and am careful about water level in tub.
    10.  keep spray bottle of H2O and vinigar so I can clean up small messes on floor and counters…less floor scrubbing…less water use.
    11.  Use night lights to prevent accidents at night.