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Re: Stay natural!


    To those of you using hand creams and fabric softener sheets to tame your hair, remember that you CAN absorb toxins through your hair follicles, so try to use either 70%organic or Certified USDA Organic creams, and I actually have seen ‘natural’ brands of fabric softener sheets.  
    Of course organic is more expensive — on the other hand Dove came out with a really great spray; it’s called “Sheer Moisture” or something like that and it always smoothes out my hair (I have mid-length hair)- plus it has the cozy signature Dove scent!
    If you can afford Aveda, some of their pomades and balms can go a long way if you just put a tiny bit on your finger and rub in a lot of water to make a very lightweight product.
    Be frugal, but don’t support the use of toxins in cosmetics!