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Re: Vinegar for metabolism


    To all of you who have or are still suffering from depression, bipolar, disorder, or anxiety, I am with you!- and I am diagnosed as ‘schizotypal,’ too.  Have been through 18 medications in 8 years.  Now I am finally on a good balance of lithium and depakote, along with a few other things, but possibly the most depressing aspect of my life since first being put on meds has been weight gain.  The day before I first saw a psychiatrist, I weighed 135 pounds (21 yrs.old, 5’9″).  I have gone as far up as 188 pounds, and have basically yo-yo-ed between sizes 10 to 14 for a long time.  Now I’m a 14, 175 lbs., and relatively used to it.  I have been reading a lot, however, about the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, which has been a weight loss aid for centuries.  Twice a day I mix 1 t. raw (organic) apple cider vinegar, 1 t. of watered down honey, and just enough lukewarm water to get it down.  I have noticed that my appetite really has declined, simply by realizing that I am now staying busy for hours on end without thinking about food.  In fact, tonight I waited until way too late to eat and got a little shaky and anxious.  Today was also the first day in literally two or three years that I did NOT TAKE A NAP (I’ve been working part-time for a long time).
    So, give it a try.  I forget the name of the website that I found all of this helpful information on, but just google “vinegar depression” or “vinegar weight loss” and you’ll find a helpful site.