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      I’m 60 years old, moved to the south and looking for a job but finding a lot of discrimination (hidden). I’m signed up with many agencies, have a degree in business and lots of experience and skills, but the few interviews I’ve had come off with remarks like, “well, you’re not a spring chicken…” i don’t want to just sit around the house and do nothing. I have a lot of energy, talent and spirit.  Anyone have any ideas to help me?


        Have you thought of doing an MLM business?  That way you can work from home?


          You sound like a smart guy. Rather than depend on someone else, start your own business. NOT MLM. Do you have a hobby or something that you’re good at? How about consulting? Maybe a service? Sixty isn’t very old these days. I’ve had grandparents who worked into their 90s because they loved what they were doing.


            Thanks for the advice; this gal is very artistic, just not sure what will or won’t work.I’ve just gotten back into painting and am thinking about doing various paintings (4×6) and making montages of them. There’s lots of different scenes here I could do, but I just moved to NC and trying to get started. Sue


              I’m with Robin!  Having your own business has a lot of pluses and being artistic sure gives you a lot of options.  I wouldn’t downplay MLM.  The word AMWAY always comes to people’s minds, but there are great companies out there that are “real” rather than all hype.  I know Robin is in one of them.  

              I’m 57 so I know how you feel.  It used to be that age meant wisdom and had a place of honor in society … but definitely not in the American society … but let’s not get too philosophical on here :-)


                I’ve held several positions where I have been responsible for interviewing and hiring so I might have some tips for you.  It sounds like you are getting interviewed, just not hired, so your resume does not sound like the problem.  A key thing that you mentioned is being located in the South and it has been my experience that women “dress up” more there than they did when I lived in New England.  If you have not already done so, hit one of the nicer department stores during the week when they aren’t busy and request assistance from a sales clerk.  Tell them that you need an interviewing outfit that looks professional and youthful.  No double-knit, polyester dresses!  Buy a real suit with a blouse and top.  Wear tasteful jewelry to match….one ring per hand, one or no bracelets, wrist watch, simple earrings.  If you have tattoos…find an outfit that covers them. Your nails need to be a normal length…no talons! Do you wear make-up?  If not, buy some mascara and brown eyeshadow and a neutral lipstick and wear it just for the interview(s).  Once you are hired you can always revert back to a more natural look or a wilder look..whichever fits for you  :)  If all of this seems superficial and phony….IT IS!!  But decisions are usually made during the first 15-20 SECONDS of meeting an applicant as to whether or not they are a “fit” for the job.  That means the decision to go further with you is being made on totally artificial grounds.

                Now..suppose you say…I’ve done all that.  Have the suit, the make-up, the hair, the whole nine-yards and you still are not getting hired.  Then you need a someone to take a hard cold look at the way you are presenting yourself to see if something is getting in the way.  Does your perfume precede you?  Is your idea of an interviewing outfit a lime green pant suit with matching plastic jewelry? Are you wearing dark pumps or gold lame sandals?  How about your hairstyle…has it changed in 30 years? Don’t laugh…I’ve interviewed people wearing all of the above AND one woman who applied for a job that paid over $100,000 a year wearing a jogging suit!  Don’t get me started about the guy who came to an interview drunk and had just gotten out of rehab…

                Bottom line, you might have to spend a bit of money up front to get past the initial interview.  You will more than make up for what you spend though in your first month on the job. You want them to see the real you who is professional and accomplished but they’ll never get that far if you don’t have the “look” they want.  It sucks but it is the reality.

                Good luck and please let us know how it goes. :)


                  Well if anyone actually said you are “not a spirng chicken” you may have cause for  age discrimination”suit.

                  See about getting a part time job.

                  You can also check to see if there's a Craig's list in your area they are always posting jobs. 

                  If you prefer to stay in your own area of expertise try to find a smaller company the needs your knowledge or experience. 

                  You may also want to consider going back to school which will get you back in the main stream of the business world.

                  Good luck.

                  Good luck

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