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$$ at first, but long run savings

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      I haven’t found a good shower curtain that will last more than a couple weeks so I buy the “shower stall” vinyl curtain available at Sears. Believe me, it is large enough to cover the space for a full sized bath tub. I pay more money at first, but it lasts through showers and cleanings 2 years or more. When it has seen its last use in the shower, my husband will use it for drop cloths. The same is true for tired vinyl window shades. If he has small paint jobs, he can use the shade as a drop cloth for any of the spray jobs he does.

      Take old quilts and cut them into 8″ – 10″ squares, edge and use for oven pads – or – using an old oven mitt as a guide, make a pattern and voila, you have new oven mitts.

      Hope you can use these hints…


        When I lived in Florida it was so bad, you’d have a shower curtain for a couple of weeks and then mildew would form. A neighbor told me to go to the local Bed, Bath and Beyond store and they have heavier shower curtain liners that are mildew-resistant. I bought one and never had a speck of mold or mildew after that. I used the liner with a decorative cloth shower curtain and it did very well in that climate. If it does well in Florida it’ll work anywhere….Highly recommended!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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