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burned popcorn smell in throughout house

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      Last night I burned popcorn on the stove.  (badly) Smoke filled the kitchen and has left a terrible smell.  Any ideas on how to get it out?  


        Nature’s Fresh deodorizes naturally, safely and effectively.  We’ve used it for years on all kinds of stains and odors.  Here’s some info about it from the website:  

        The Nature’s Fresh formula was originally created as a deodorizer for   hospital use. It uses a special formulation of six main groups of enzymes derived from vegetables sources and fruit acids. These enzymes remove organic stains and odors by digesting the source into carbon dioxide and water, which then evaporates. It’s effective for foods, juices, smoke, urine, feces, mildew, vomit and pet urin  without harming water-safe   fabrics. It can be used as an underarm deodorant also.

        You can read more here — it can be used for pain also because of the enzymes in it.  I love products that are multi-use and so safe and natural!


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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