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      i want to can this year for the first time.  i would like recipes for canning soup and making salsa ( mild to hot).  I also would like to freeze.  What is blanching?   Also any websites for canning would be appreciated.  thanks


        I would go to your local library and search for books on canning. They will give you recipes and answer questions such as blanching.  One thing I would recommend is to make sure your jars are warm before putting them in boiling water or else they might explode.  If I recall correctly, blanching cooks the food enough so that it can freeze and can properly.  I believe green beans need to be cooked 8 minutes.  I could be wrong since I have not tried to can in 10 years, that is why I recommend using your library.  

        You could do a word search on canning using salsa and canning as your key words.  Hope you do well.  We canned tomatoes and tomato juice and froze green beans in milk cartons (not the plastic kind) when I was young.  I have frozen peppers. Even dried them and fruit such as bananas.


          Remember Y2K preparations? I canned several items (spaghetti sauce, Chicken ala King, hamburgers, meatloaf, vegetable soup/stew, even banana bread). After 2000 came and went without incident, I began to use the canned items. The biggest thing I discovered was next time use very little, or preferably, use no seasoning in the canned item. Oregano becomes very pronounced (still edible, but not the flavor I normally like in spaghetti sauce. Black pepper intensifies in the canning process as well. Good luck in your canning endeavors!


            I have some great salsa recipes. I will bring some in but Bernard canning products makes a great canning recipes book soups are difficult to can, but veggies, pickles, salsas, tomatoe sauce or spaghetti sauce are all great. Also, blanching essentially mean cooking things for a very short period of time before freezing. If you have any questions let me know I do a ton of canning every year.


              Blanching is placing fresh vegetable into boiling water for certain amounts of time, from 1-3 minutes. Timing is important. The vegetables are then allowed to completely cool before freezing. When freezing make sure you vacuum all–and I mean all–of the air before closing. Some of the best vegetables to freeze are: Onions: slice into rings and place in gallon freezer bag w/o blanching &  freeze; Sweet corn: remove the corn silks and place into double-bagged bread bags w/o blanching & freeze. I think upright freezers are better– less hassle. Contact your county extention agent for information about freezing & canning.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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