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Container Gardening

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      Hi everyone!

      I’m in the U.K. and we enjoy frugal living on this side of the Atlantic too!  I have a very small backyard, and I would like to produce some of my own vegetables and herbs.  Has anyone had any success with container gardening?  What are the best items to start with?  Any advice would be appreciated!



        We have done tomato plants and green pepper plants in containers.   I think herbs would be great also and strawberries.   Look and see what grows in your climate and go from there.  


          ;)Well UK container gardening cannot be much different that USA container gardening can it?

          I did my first vegetable container gardening using the good ole’ tomato, and they were the best yet.  Minimal care, just make sure those little worms stay off of them because they can eat a whole container in one night!!!

          Just keep soil moderately moist, and spray for the worms and bugs, and make sure they get as much sunlight as possible and you are set!!!

          Good Luck to ya!


            Herbs are great in container gardening…if you plant them fairly close, mix in with some flowers, you can have a lovely fragrant container.  I do basil and chives and oregeno in pots all the time…oregeno is pretty because it creeps.


              One of the biggest problems with container gardening is that the soil dries out more quickly than in the ground. You can help to alleviate that by placing a large plastic soda bottle in eat container.  You cut the bottom off (or a large hole in the bottom) and put the bottle into the soil upside down.  The water will seep out of the bottle slowly as the soil dries. You can easily see when you need to add water to the bottle.  I would do this along with at least weekly soaking the container well.
              Carol B

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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