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Growing plants from mango seeds

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      Thank you, very helpful!


        one day i ate a mango and decided to stick it in the ground next to my mothers garden and about 3 weeks later it sprouted up i didnt let it dry didnt soak it in water just stuck it in about 2 inches and covered it up. we live in central arizona so i dont know how long it will continue to grow but it seems to be thriving for the time being


          cut the pod pull out the seed and plant about two to three inches deep,from a pot first i suggest, that’s how i did mine.couple of weeks later boom it grew.i kept mine inside for the first day or so carried it out to get sun and the thing stood straight and leaves began opening plant is reddish in color and so are the leaves,nevertheless it doesn’t take bagging or anything special that i know unless different seeds requires special for now keep planting and i’ll keep jamming,peace out Bijan


            Nice article


              gonna give this a try. i love to plant things. my avocado took a while but thrives for the sun. can't wait to see my MANGO grow..

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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