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Here’s a fun idea-exchange with friends

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      This may not work for everyone, but have you ever considered setting up an exchange of household items with family and friends? It can be fun to swap.
      My mother used to have a neighbor, an older woman, whose kids and grandchildren would bring their things to, instead of  taking it to Goodwill.  She also like to shop garage sales and thrift stores for fun, so she had lots of stuff around and stored in her garage.  She would use some  things for a while and give a lot away to friends and neighbors.  Of course, they eventually would give her things too, so an exchange of goods was started. 
      The first time I went to her house she had my mother and me for lunch and I admired her luncheon plates.  After lunch, she washed them and gave them to me!  Every time we went there, she would give us something, so we started taking things to her.  I gave her all the bedding, stuffed animals, palm trees and decorations for my son's 'jungle room' when he outgrew it.  She was going to give it to her grandson, but her little granddaughter wanted it and was all excited about it. 
      It was so fun to go to her house.  It was like going to grandma's house.  She always had cute little things sitting in her garden, tucked in among the rocks and flowers.  Not junky-looking, but a few  cute little things here and there.  The decorations were always different in her house.  She was about 80 but she always wore long skirts and boots- cute! You never knew what she would have to give you. I would like to be like her when I get older-everybody's fun grandma.

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