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Highlighting marker on ottoman!

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      Hi all,
      I’ve read the messages about the wonders of hairspray in removing ink stains but am uncertain the same can be tried on the HIDEOUSLY LARGE and ORANGE highlighting marker stain I made on a beloved ottoman?!?  I don’t think marker ink is the same as ballpoint ink AND I’m afraid highlighting marker ink will be a whole other animal.  I DO know that my traditional “spot cleaner” i use on upholstery and carpeting did NOT work (in fact, it made things worse).  The ottoman covering also, alas, is NOT removable.  Any and all ideas will be gratefully welcomed.  Thanks in advance for your help!  ~Lisa


        You didn’t mention the type of material on the ottoman.  If it is some form of fabric, I would try an Oxygen based spot cleaner.  My favorite is Oxyclean but there are several brands made similarly.

        So far Oxyclean has not damaged anything I have tried it on but when in doubt I do try it in an inconspicuous location first.  I have used it successfully on several types of upholstry fabric.


          Hello and thank you for your reply, Snoodles!  I’m unsure of the ottoman fabric, but it’s some kind of nubby, tweed-like, cotton-poly-blend stuff as near as I can tell.  Thank you for the tip about Oxyclean — I’m ready to try anything at this point!  

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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