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How to organize makeup and toletries

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      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to organize stuff kept in the bathroom like makeup, makeup brushes, hairbrush, oral higine stuff.  I keep all this on my bathroom shelves and its very messy.  Thanks.


        The way I have organized my makekup, brushes and even decorative jewelry, earrings, etc. is I purchased a plastic lure holder aka tacklebox from the fishing department of a Walmart.  These boxes have plastic dividers that allow you to choose your compartment size.  You can buy these tackleboxes in all different sizes.  And what is also nice is that when you open these boxes, depending on size, the tacklebox will open along with the shelves opening so you can easily see exactly what you need.  These boxes are plastic so if there are any “spills”, they wipe clean.  I have one for makeup and one for my jewelry.  I don’t like a jewelry box sitting out.  Too much clutter.  Hope this helps.  Leedybean


          If you want to keep them out where you can see them all the time, buy one of those clear plastic shoe holder things that hang over the door.  I used to live in an apt with a pedastal sink and absolutely no storage whatsoever, so I kept all my toiletries in there. You can keep makeup, shampoo bottles, etc in the pockets. If I had friends coming over and didn’t want them to see it, I just unhooked it from the bathroom door and hooked it inside a closet door temporarily!  Hope this helps!


            The shoe bag (with clear pockets) was what I was going to suggest, too —
            and a related tip — I’ve seen this (shoe bag) idea used for cleaning supplies, too — the pockets are ideal receptacles for easy access to gloves, rags, spray bottles, etc.  
            *and I’ve often seen these shoe bag holders at Goodwill, yard sales, etc. — recycle!


              I went to one of the Dollar stores and bought a rectangular flower pot. Mine is about 1 1/2 foot long and fits perfectly on the back of my stool.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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