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Information on Chemicals in Household Cleaners

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      Don’t you wonder if chemical cleaners are really as bad as they say? Who are “they” anyway? Here’s a few links to sites that will give you plenty of information on this topic.

      World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
      Pages of slightly denser information summarizes the threat of toxic chemicals and introduces people to the concepts of hormone-disrupting chemicals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

      Natural Resources Defense Council
      A similar effort can be found as WWF above divided into sections concerning children’s health, health effects, pesticides, and organic farming. This site lets guests choose their own level of desired detail by giving them the option of accessing either “in-brief” or “in-depth” pages on the subjects in question.

      Children’s Health and Environmental Coalition (CHEC)
      Excellent introductory resource for those with children. The home page offers a trip to the HealtheHouse, a nicely interactive virtual tour of a typical house that highlights common trouble spots. HealtheHouse pages include a simple quiz to identify possible actions one needs to take in their own home; an extensive resource section that lets users pick the level of information that best suits their needs and interest; and a section of brief animations that outline six very basic rules for healthier living.

      Friends of the Earth in the U.K.
      Although this is for the UK, this site provides some general safety tips when it comes to cleaners and other toxic products.

      Here’s A Few Options of Natural Choices for Household Cleaning

      MicroBest Friendly Cleaning Products
      Natural Alternatives to Harsh Cleaning Products –  Home Cleaning Kit available or purchase of floorwash system, degreaser, glass cleaner, or bio-deodorizer separately.

      Sunshine Multi-Purpose Concentrate
      One Product Cleaning Solution from Nature’s Sunshine.  Highly concentrated, this cleaner is good for just about every cleaning need imaginable.

      Nature’s Fresh
      This widely tested deodorizer utilizes a special formulation of enzymes gleaned from plant sources. These enzymes work as deodorizers and break down the molecular structure of stains without harming fabric. Nature’s Fresh is hypoallergenic, unscented, non-irritating and environmentally safe.

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