Keep old truck as 2nd vehicle?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m 2 years into my financial independence journal. Currently using 50% of my after tax income to pay down student loan, roof, central air loans. 34 years old.

    With my 2nd kid on the way, I need to get a car that will hold 2 car seats plus the wife. So my $2500 1996 f150 5-speed manual with 225K miles has to go.

    Is there any benefit to keeping my old truck? Insurance is $40 per month. We have the space to keep the truck, wife cant drive stick. It gets about 18mpg mixed city/highway. No expected maintenance for another 50k or 80K miles.

    I’m afraid I’m not being rational and should just let the truck go as soon as I trust the new, used car that I plan on buying. Thoughts?

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