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Mold out of pitcher…

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      I was wondering if anyone knew a way I could get mold out of a pitcher.

      I was using it to keep flowers in, completely forgot about it, and ended up with mold on the bottom and a little on the sides.

      It’s sort of a family memory sort of thing- my grandmother gave it to my cousins- so I don’t want to ruin it or get rid of it.

      I was thinking of using bleach, but would it be safe to drink out of after?



        How about rubbing the inside where the mold is with lemon juice and baking soda?


          Use efferdent or someother “false teeth” cleaner. Put hot water into the item you want to clean and then drop an efferdent tablet into the water. Let it dissolve and sit for awhile. Spill out and rinse with clear water. This is also great for vases. Syber


            Bleach will certainly work and it will be safe to drink out of later.  Just dilute the bleach  – -3 parts water to bleach and allow to sit overnight.  You’ll have to wash with lots of dishsoap and water once you have dumped the bleach mixture.  Depending on the type of container the bleach smell will dissappear immediately (glass) or in a few days if left open to the air (plastic).  Good Luck!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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