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My cat has kidney failure

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      Hi, I am hoping someone has gone through this and can give me some good advice. My 10-12 yr. old cat has kidney failure. I was told this is a common thing now days. The vet wanted to put her to rest after just 2 days in their hospital. They don’t do herbs or anything like that there. I brought my baby back home for the weekend and she started to eat as soon as she came out of her travel box. She eats and drinks all day. I gave her pumpkin in her food to keep her bowels going.She walks around and talks to me but the vet said she is in the final stage. My question is, what can I give her on a daily bases to keep her alive and comfortable until she really is ready to pass as I don’t see that she is completely ready yet. She would not eat,
      drink or go to the bathroom at the vet’s. She is fine at home.I have read so much about this that I am getting confused. I know she can’t get well again but I have read there are things that can prolong her death.I just don’t know which ones to give as everyone wants you to buy their things or wants you to buy a book first. I don’t have much time and need to make the correct choices fast. If anyone could help me,we would greatly appreciate it. :(


        Any health food store get black cherry juice CONCENTRATE not the premixed. In an eyedropper or 3cc syringe use full strength 4-6 times a day for a week then just a couple of times a day. While your in the health food store get some
        NAC, an ammino acid in capsule form sprinkle on the food twice a day. Should see some results with these products. Good luck


          I found a Vet that also practices Alternative Medicine through my local health food store. They usually carry newsletters and free magazines that distribute this type of information or you might call the store; sometimes someone there can recommend a Vet or Dr. to you. Or possibly search the web for a Vet that also practices Alternative Medicine.  Also, some books dealing with pets may give you some suggestions in their resource setions for possible Vets to contact.  I have a book called “Natural Cat Care” by Yarnall that has a wonderful resource section that lists practioners, etc. Since you don’t have a Vet in your local area one might talk with you over the phone and possibly be able to give you some suggestions.  Not sure if you’ve already tried this, but it has helped me in the past. I know our pets are very dear to us and I hope you find the information you are looking for!  


            Thank You texas and KD.
            My cat is doing so well. After one week we took her back to the Vet and they could not believe how great she looked.
            She gained one pound to. We will take her back this coming
            week.We love her so much. She is sitting here on the computer desk with me now. I will go to the health food store and get the things that were suggested. I will also
            ask to see if they know of a Holistic Vet.I also learned that she had a heart problem. No Vet has ever told us that she had one.We give her IV of fluids every other day.
            Just a little each time.
            I will do anything I can to keep her comfortable and as healthy as she can be. I am now hoping to help a friend who’s cat has liver disease. Every thing he has tried so far, his cat has turned down. If any one has ideas on this, it would also be great.That baby’s stomach is a little swollen but is acting normal.Just to let everyone know that
            kidney disease is also related to urinary track problems.
            My baby had some problems a long time ago and we put her on
            Purina One Urinary. After reading a lot, almost everything
            mentioned that this type food was about the worse thing to
            give and could cause serious trouble later.Thanks for all your help. :)


              My own 16-year-old Jake was diagnosed last November with end-stage kidney failure (renal failure), and he's doing great! He gets subcutaneous fluids (not really an IV, it goes under the skin not into a vein) every day, plus 1/4 of a tiny pill (Norvasc) for the high blood pressure that comes with kidney failure. It was high blood pressure that was giving him a headache so he would yowl, and I thought he was confused and looking for us….

              So it's been nine months and Jake is doing so well. I also got slippery elm bark (in capsules, I open them up, or in bulk) to add to his food. I sprinkle it over his wet food and add a little water to help it dissolve, so he basically gets soup). I also give him half a Pepcid tablet when I give him his Norvasc. This is because he was  so miserable with excess stomach acid, it made him gag and try to throw up many times a day. Now he doesn't do that at all, and he is a happy cat, no howling, no gagging, he purrs and eats and sleeps very well.

              This end-stage renail failure can be managed, and sometimes you can keep them pretty well for years. Good luck with your cat!

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