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Mylar: Sun shield visors

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      I buy the ” Mylar”  Sun shield visors from the  Dollar stores.  I have some outside  CAT HOUSES  that I have insulated for  ” stray cats”.  I cut up the “mylar” for  the  sections, interior of the CAT HOUSES and take  duct tape and tape it in,  I did the whole ” interior”.  The “mylar”  acts as and Insulation and  body reflector, the heat from the  cat or dog  will reflect back to the cat or dog.  Also I stuff the  CAT house with lots of STRAW and  I  put a  PET HEATER inside that is attached to the OUTLET.  The cats stay nice and  cozy warm.  STRAW is excellent  for warmth.  The CAT HOUSES are  CEDAR and  some others are  heavy duty insulated PLASTIC. But they are insulated with MYLAR and have straw inside.  I then  Have to put a plastic flap on the door and make slits so they can go in and out,  I also  drap a few  TARPS on THE Cat houses, to shield out the snow, etc.  MYLAR they sell online and people use them for camping and it keeps them very warm.

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