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Natural Flea and Tick Solutions

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      Have recently found a recipe for brewers yeast and garlic powder to put in dog food to keep ticks and fleas away however I have not found anything for cats. My cats are all over the property and do come home with a tick periodically. I can find nothing for cats to keep those pesky critters off of them. Anyone know what I might put in their food to stop unwanted guests on my cats and in my house?


        When our cats used to go outside I used Brewer’s Yeast on their foods to repel insects.  The B vitamins in it provide protection.  Even my dad who used to be loved by mosquitoes was no longer bothered by them when he began taking a high potency B Complex.

        You didn’t mention what diet you had them on, but regular store-bought foods are so “dead” that they create a lot of toxicity in the body during the breakdown of what’s in it.  If you don’t know what’s in pet foods, read this article:

        A switch to totally natural and human-grade ingredients back in the late 70’s has made all the difference in our pets.  We never have vet bills and their coat and eyes are so bright and glossy.  You truly get what you pay for and in the end it costs less.


          I have 2 cats and had the same problem. Now I sprinkle Brewer’s Yeast (that I purchased from a health food store)on the cats food, not much maybe 1 Tbsp. Bonus, the cats seem to really like it.  Good luck.


            I agree that a good diet is important…I also use Diatamacous Earth outside in the area where the pets go.  Flea combing is also important.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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