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      Just bought a home in Fl. The lanai is enclosed with acrylic sliders. The floor is painted with an epoxie paint. We can't stand the smell of the room. Any suggestions?


        Well, my reply suggestion is certainly not cheap, but it's also of use in other areas of the home for not only taking away toxic smells but viruses, etc.  We use a Boomerang Air Santizer to keep our home “detoxed” and maintain a healthier indoor environment, especially in winter when things are usually closed up where we live in Virginia. 

        I know the Boomerang has been used in nail salons to clear out the smell, so that impressed me greatly before we purchased one.  Here's a website with information on them:


          The epoxy floors shouldn't have any odor to them. The only thing that I can think that might be causing the smell is that if there's no ventilation in the lanai, the air could get stale in there. The acrylic sliders may be off-gassing which can cause an odor if there's no ventilation. If you open the windows or let air flow through it, does the smell slowly go away?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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