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Recycle ink cartridge for FREE paper

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      OFFICE MAX has an excellent program that has been going on for years but that I still find many people are unaware of.  

      When your computer ink cartridge is used up (I’m pretty sure it’s any type or brand of inkjet cartridge, you could call to check) take it to the check-out or customer service counter at Office Max.  Tell them you’d like to recycle it, and they will take it off your hands for FREE, recycle it, and give you an ENTIRE REAM OF 100% RECYCLED PAPER ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!  How awesome is that?  

      The paper is great quality, too.  I’ve found that, because I reuse the backsides of paper whenever I can (quick printing of recipes, driving directions, etc.) I actually have several reams of new and clean computer paper stocked up…and I haven’t paid for paper for my printer in a year and a half.  

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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