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Repair rust hole in car body

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      I have a rust hole in my car body near the rear driver’s side tire.  I have no knowledge of this type of repair, but I am looking for suggestions on how I can do-it-myself by closing up the hole and keeping the rust from spreading further, without having the end result be a state inspection issue.  I’m not necessarily concerned with matching my car’s paint color with this repair job, but I need some inexpensive and relatively easy ideas.  Please help!


        Some people back east in Pa used Duck Tape as a temporary repair for their inspections.  You could soder a piece of metal to your other metal parts.  Then paint it.  Make sure you remove the rust first.  Other than that I suggest you do a web search for this type of repair.  Then go to a repair (body) shop and ask them what they would do to fix the hole and the cost.  If it’s too high ask them for any suggestions on repairing it your self.  Sorry that I can’t offer a better suggestion than these.


          Get some sheet metal and pop rivots, car body filler sand paper and paint.

          Cut off all the rusted area. Clean / sand it well. Cut a piece of sheet metal to slightly bigger size than the hole. Pop rivot it onto the body of your car. Take some body filler and the hardener (small doses, it dries fast) mix it up on a piece of cardboard. Spread it onto the edges of the sheetmetal. Let dry. Sand it down until it’s smooth. paint.
          to keep rust from forming there again, wash your wheel wells out. Aim the hose up and get all the dirt, salt ect out of there.


            My brother is a car body man and with his friends cars that don’t care how it looks – he stuffs the hole with trash/what-not and then fills it with car bondo/body-filler (you can buy it at Wal-mart or Auto-zone). You can sand this down if you want and use auto primer and then paint. I have also seen him use fiber-glass sheets and cut to a little larger than hole and then use what it called “Tiger-hair” of fiber-glass filler – then sand down, primer, paint. Doing it this way – the rust will not come back. It is harder to sand though.


              Here’s a site that gives details on doing this job:


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