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Reuse pill bottles…

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      Regarding the used pill bottles…  I take a lot of meds and accumulate lots of pill bottles.  I give to my mom’s church for one their outreach programs for seamen.  They prepare boxes for seamen containing little things like toiletries and aspirin and stuff – which they buy in bulk and place in the pill bottles (after removing all the labels).  Her church is St. John’s Presbyterian on W. Bellfort in Houston, TX.  Perhaps other churches have a similar ministry sending care boxes to people in need.  Just a thought!


        The  reuse of small pill bottles around your home is  quite possible and even handy.
        I have bottles with thumbtacks; small paneling nails,safty and straight pins, fish hooks ans split shot sinkers.small artificial fishing lures, store  used up hearing aid batteries until I can find a safe way to get rid of them,Seeds  off my flowers, bb’s ,empty 22 shells, pellets,small nuts ,bolts and small washers,I put change in a bottle in my Vehicle’s glove compartment for an emergency.
        How about am first aid  bottle?
        4 band aid
        2 butter flies Bandages
        4 tylenol wrappend in plastic wrap
        2 little packs of antibiotics and in the little bigger bottle you can fit 1 moist towelette .
        I have made Xmas tree decorations  from pill bottle with just glittter and paint. also a good place to store your christmas ball hooks. Oh and those peskey caps make great game pieces with a little paint and some stickers. Pill bttle Checkers Or Chess anyone

        Reuse always and save money and energy

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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