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Reusing those (Annoying) AOL cd’s & plastic cases!

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      Don’t know if this has been mentioned before in this forum because I’m new, but I’ve found a useful way to use those cd’s & cd cases that you receive in the mail, soliciting your business as an internet service provider.  I’ve seen the cd’s used as coasters to hold drinks & as Christmas tree ornaments.  Save them for any creative craft project that you or your children could use later on when a genius idea strikes! As for those black plastic holders that the cd’s come in–I keep a few on hand to use as “rental” dvd jackets when my neighbors or friends want to borrow one of my movie dvd’s to watch. Instead of giving them the original movie sleeve, I take out the dvd itself and put it in one of those generic plastic cases. That way my original sleeve stays nice & clean at home!


        You can also hang the CD’s on fruit-bearing trees to scare away the birds.  I know someone that does this and he says it works well. :o


          The Cds make great paint pallets for the budding artist.  They are especially good for paints that need nonporus surfaces to prevent them from drying out.


            break them up and make a mosiac, cover them with a bit of stuffing and fabric and make pin cushions, use them to make a border in a teen’s room (you will need many to do this though but it looks awesome!) drill small holes in them in pairs to hold earrings, they are perfect for circle templates, great bases for childrens craft projects or pet rocks, paint the label side with shiny paint and make a mobile that is a great light reflector, use them for making puffy curtains by just pulling a length of fabric through the hole and fluffing it out the way you like, use your hairdryer and a heat resistant bowl to make a candy dish (paint it pretty and plug the hole with something),


              That sure is a lot of creative uses for those CD’s. ÝHope you join our group I like your ideas.

              One idea I saw on TV came from the AOL ad. ÝMake pictures of things like fish, group them all together. ÝOne artist I know made a map of Caralina island out of tuna cans. ÝSomething like that can be done with those CD’s as well. Ý


                Create your own album cover for your favorite CD
                all it takes is abit of paper/drawing materials and your own immagination.

                It can also be an excellent hiding place for your mad money if you have hundresd of CD’s only you would know which one.

                Make your own boxes out of CD containers
                glue 5 decorated Cd containers together into a square box type form. This box could be used as a planter
                A giftbox with just a bit of cut cerel box for the top and wrapping paper
                A coffee table centerpiece for artificial flowers or maybe a candy or chip or pretzel bowl
                turn it upside down and use it as a pedestal. And many other alternative uses.
                Last for now
                a place to keep all your thumbtacks pinn and sewing needles
                First decorate your care up the 3way you want it.
                Then cut a piece of those meat trays that come with your grocery store bought meat. They come in astleast 4 colors I know of.Make sure it is clean and  dry . If so fit it into the CD case  Then put your thumbtacks/sewing needles/safty and straight pins right into the foam.
                PS you could also make a case for  all you piearced earring

                OOPS I got another one
                A First Aid kit
                This kit could hold A dozen band aides and a pad a new razor blade, a sterile needle  and thread,a half a dozen tylenol. several anacids.several individual packets of neosporin, a disposable thermometer and a small booklet on first Aid

                This CD cover Ist Aid Kit could be put in an office/Vehicle/suitcase,or just leave it somewhere conveinent to you in your own house in case of a need for it.



                  Use the old CD’s as reflectors … nail them onto posts near entrances to driveways, etc.  We’ve done it and I know it works.



                    Hi To All,
                    I’ve seen some neat lamps made out of unwanted Cds. Such as the following Typing keywords DIY CD Lamp into Google search will bring up more links. Everyone I’ve seen who makes them makes them just a little bit differently. Don’t know how frugal it would be to make one, but isn’t that half the fun of being a do-it-yourselfer – finding some way to make something you see that you like, a whole lot less expensively yourself? Rhonda

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