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      Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid ofscorpions?  I sealed every entrance I can find and they still keep getting in.    I no longer walk barefoot in my house.  I’ve been stung once already by a scorpion when I was walking in a room that was semi-lit. I’d sure appreciate some ideas.


        You might check out  a product called TEMPO.  I believe it is a spray.  I have no personal experience with this product, but a friend of mine who has a ranch says she uses same with success.  She said she has a lot of scorpions.


          It sounds like maybe there could be scorpions in your house that are multiplying if you have plugged all possible holes.  I don’t know if it will work or not…..but I have used TKO orange for getting rid of aphids on my grapes.  Many animals–bugs do not like the citrus smell of orange oil.  Some orange cleaners have chemicals.  Be careful not to put something in your house that is harmful to people or pets.  Just a smell that buggies don’t like.


            I stayed with a friend that lived in an apartment that had a scorpion problem. The exterimator came in and removed all the electrical plug covers and put something in the walls to prevent them for 9 months. I would guess the scorpions are living inside your walls. You might ask around your neighborhood. I’m sure your not the only one who has them. Good luck!


              The easiest solution will only work if you live in a farm/rural situation. That solution is Giunea hens.  They’ll eat anything that crawls before it gets in your house.  For apartment and suburban solutions I reccomend re-weather stripping all doors and windows. Use draft stoppers(thin styrofoam sheets cut to fit) under all electrical outlet covers, celling boxes, and switchplates, and spray,spray,spray.  Pay special attention to fireplaces, etc.
              Don’t expect speedy results.  I’ve been told that it can take three weeks to a month for those little suckers to die from the sprays – and they can still sting in the meantime! I’d also lay down gluetraps in corners to moniter the population’s hopeful drop, or let me know if I missed an opening.  
              Good Luck

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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