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Tired of all those credit card offers in the mail?

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      They discussed this on my morning news….

      You can go there and fill out the form and within a few months, you won’t be getting that wasteful mail.  It is sponsored by the credit reporting companies.


        Thank you so much for this information. It is unbelievable how many of these mailings we receive every day. If anyone else got our mail who knows what some less than scrupulous person could do with them.
        My son, a police officer, was a victim of identity theft, the perpetrator was a former police officer/coworker who got the info off the computer at work and also got credit card mailings out of my son’s trash at home. Lock your computer workstation when you have to be away from your desk even for what you think will be a few seconds, you could get sidetracked and it doesn’t take long to access your private info. Also, be careful about your personal information and about how you dispose of your mail and other documents. A shredder may not be exactly frugal but can certainly be worth the investment.
        Identity theft is NOT a victimless crime, it can have far reaching consequences.


          This really works! I love the days when we have absolutely no mail and even when we do, it’s only a few pieces and we have a business of our own also.  Think of all the paper I’m saving (trees :-).  Although when we got junk mail, I used the paper for the printer and / or to make note paper for the phone area.  I still do that since we’ve never run out and it’s cool how many people have gotten the idea to do the same after seeing me print on the empty side of junk mail.

          I’ve also used the DO NOT CALL registry and we don’t have telemarketing calls any more.  You can get info on that here:


            I have just used both those suggestions and I am thanking you in advance for the added simplicity this will bring my life.


              thanks for the great information.

              We also recycle our paper use here at work. I save most of the paper and reuse the other side to print on. Many co – workers have also cut up the paper and use for note taking – no more ordering post it notes. :)


                I print just about ALL of my own invitations, greeting cards and Thank you notes. Every printer is a little bit different. So when I set the paper size and settings in my program, I cut these “mailings” into the paper size I want and send them through printer to make sure the wording and pictures are going to sit where I want them to. This way, I’m using my “good” paper for testing. This even works with my own custom size papers.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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