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Wedding/ Bridal Veil

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      Can anyone here tell me how to clean a veil.
      I have one that I bought secondhand for my wedding (white fingerlength tulle with a rolled, scalloped edge and small scattered pearls) but it is dirty (just looks like simple dirt from wearing it etc, making it slightly less than white.
      I contacted the dry cleaners about getting it cleaned but they said it would cost $45… I mean if I could afford this, why would I have bought a secondhand veil to begin with.

      ANY HELP greaty appreciated.

      Thanx in advance

      Canberra, Australia


        I found out how to clean it (well I tried and it worked ).

        This was a white fingertip length tulle veil with tiny white seed pearl scattered around on both layers…

        What I did was to make up a lage tub of luke warm water with some nappy soaking powder (napisan etc) and a small amount of laundry detergent and I then placed the eil into this solution and gently moved it about and gently cleaned it with my hands, squeezing it and such (NOT rubbing it or twisting it etc) and then I ran it under plain cold water to remove the majority of the solution and then into another tub of plain cold water to completely remove all traces of cleaning solution stuff and then checked it carefully and repeated the entire process again (as there was still some slight “greyness”), then I hung it on a coathanger in a well ventilated area, so that air could get all around it, and let it dry, then i lifter the top layer of the veil so that air could get between the 2 layers to dry fully…

        It is sparkling white now and looks BRAND NEW and stunning, not even any real creases (if there are any creases, just hang it in the bathroon with the shower on hot and the door closed and the creases just fall out)…


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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