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What to use expandable wine rack for?

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      I have one of those expandable racks with spaces for wine bottles.  I used to use it for hand towels in the bathroom but don't have an area to hang it in my current home.  What else can you think of that it can be used for?  It will sit on a counter also which is what I'd rather do since I don't have wall space.  Any ideas?

      imported_Martha C

        I have two that I no longer use for wines. One is the guest bathroom and holds extra towels for guest. My other one I use to organize magazines and catalogs. Just kind of roll the magazine and it will slide right in. My grandmother use to roll placemats and put them in the rack.


          Excellent, Martha!  Magazines!  That would be perfect for beside a chair.  Thanks!  Keeps the suggestions coming.  Sure there are others who need some ideas.


            I have one inside our closet for my husbands belts and ties and one in my daughter's closet for belts, scarves and necklaces. She's only 8 so it's costume
            jewelry that doesn't need to be stored in a careful manner.


              How grand to have such ideas!  I like the one for ties and belts!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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