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Baby Tips

Frugal Baby Savings Don’t spend money on plastic diaper throw away bags in the stores. Use your newspaper wrapper, bags from produce and bread bags. They work just as well and save you money. Frugal Restaurant Savings When you do go to a restaurant, feed your children a banana before you go. This way they

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• Place a small amount in a squirt bottle and fill to the top with water. Use for spraying in bathtubs to get rid of mildew, cleaning counter-tops, using as a stain remover on clothing (test for color fastness first though!!!), spot spraying shower curtains, washing off cutting boards, and wiping down bathroom counter and

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Baking Soda

• Pour enough baking soda to cover the bottom, add enough vinegar to make it fizz, and let it do the cleaning for you! Then rinse with a bucket of water or a garden hose with a spray nozzle. Air dry or wipe down. This works for me and keeps those "odors" away. (Do remember

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