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The Frugal Life – Frugal Watering Techniques

Frugal Watering Drip Irrigation Systems (Homemade and Purchased) • Yes, the drip irrigation system on a timer is the best money saver for a garden. It will pay you back by not wasting water and give you beautiful vegetables and flowers. You don't forget to turn it on or turn it off and even if

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Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen Herb Garden by Dori Fritzinger If you love using herbs as much as I do, you will probably agree that fresh-picked herbs always taste better than store-bought ones. If you have available yard or garden space, you can plant a kitchen herb garden. Herbs are easy to grow, don't need a lot of space,

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The Frugal Life – Building a Strong Trellis

Building a Strong Trellis Butternut and buttercup squash crawl right to the top and over. Here is how to build a *simple arched trellis* that will be very strong as well as beautiful. You will leave this trellis in place all year around. It holds up to high winds – we know because we have

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Come to Tea: An Elegant Garden Gathering

Come to Tea: An Elegant Garden Gathering By Debbie Rodgers Perhaps nothing says "garden party" like having afternoon tea outdoors. It's a charming reminder of bygone days and childhood make-believe. Outdoor spaces of all kinds, including balconies, can be successfully adapted to a tea party. Tea parties span generations and will be enjoyed by your

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Improving Your Water Logged Soil

Improving Your Water Logged Soil Q. I want to ask if any of you know what to do with soil that is holding water. I planted a dogwood tree 3 months back and saw it was doing poorly and when I removed it I had to "ring the roots out." Everytime I watered it and

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Growing Plants from Mango Seeds

Growing Plants from Mango Seeds Q. Can anyone tell me how to grow a plant from a mango seed. I love mangoes and buy a lot of them and it would be nice to get the seeds to grow. After cutting all of the fruit from the seed I take a stiff brush and scrub

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Got Powdery Mildew? Get Milk!

Got Powdery Mildew? Get Milk! by Arzeena Hamir Less than 3 years ago, researchers in South America discovered a new alternative to controlling powdery mildew. Wagner Bettiol, a scientist from Brazil, found that weekly sprays of milk controlled powdery mildew in zucchini just as effectively as synthetic fungicides such as fenarimol or benomyl. Not only

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Mosquitoes in Your Garden? Try Planting These!

Mosquitoes in Your Garden? Try Planting These! By Scottie Johnson If you are a serious gardener, you spend lots of time outdoors. And, for sure, you would rather be tending your plants than swatting mosquitoes. While there are many things you can do to keep mosquitoes away, there are some plants that will beautify your

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Fabulous Time Saving Garden Decor Ideas

Fabulous Time Saving Garden Decor Ideas By J. Bennett I remember in my younger years (when I had more time to devote to the care of the yard), it was easy to "keep up with the up-keep." That’s merely a distant memory now – an elusive dream it seems. With more responsibilities that get top

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Gardening on a Budget by Arzeena Hamir

Gardening on a Budget by Arzeena Hamir Gardeners who need to make frugal decisions at this time of the year can take heart in a number of alternatives that will not only lower the cost of gardening, but will also enhance the pleasure! Here are five steps every budget gardener should follow: Plan ahead Make

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