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Planning a Big Family Holiday Dinner

Planning A Big Family Holiday Dinner Q. Every year we have a dilemma during the holidays who will host what dinner and who will go to what dinner. Parents, in laws, brothers and sisters etc... we have lots and lots of family nearby and the count is growing. This year my sister wants to host

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Say “I Love You” for Valentine’s Day

Say "I Love You" For Valentine's Day by Jeffrey Strain With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the one you love. Whether you are looking for something special on a tight budget or would simply like to add on something special to another gift, there's

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Stay Out of the Kitchen This Christmas

Stay Out of the Kitchen This Christmas Copyright 2001 Champion Press, LtdUsed with permission.  All rights reserved. It was the week before Christmas and all through the house you ran around preparing to feed all the mouths ... When what to your wondrous eyes should appear but the answer to stay out of the kitchen

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Gift Jars

Gift Jars One reader mentioned filling jars with ingredients for cookie or cake recipes to give as gifts, I have seen these in stores and yes they are expensive. I would like to make my own also, and decorate the jars and lids with material ribbon etc.  I would love to hear from other readers

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Family Birthday Party Ideas

Family Birthday Party Ideas Q. I loved the answers to the Family Holiday Parties, so I thought I would ask suggestions for Family Birthday Parties. Our family is rather large consisting of 8 parents, 9 children and 6 grandchildren. It doesn't seem like an overload but when you try to celebrate everybody's birthday it can

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Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas

Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas Q. We have a large extended family on my husband's side. We need suggestions for Christmas gift exchange without breaking the piggybank (i..e. exchange only items you received as a free-premium throughout the year or homebaked) and are also very interested in other non-traditional giving ideas (i.e. give to a local

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Ways to Save on Gifts, Wrapping and Decorations

Ways to Save on Gifts, Wrapping and Decorationsby Dr. Charlotte Gorman 1. Limit gift-giving, both in the number of people to whom you give gifts and in the cost of the gifts. Otherwise, you could find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of your income on gift-giving. Other people may enjoy your generosity, but it is

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Christmas Ideas – Non Food

Christmas Ideas - Non Food Q. I'd like to hear some suggestions about practical gifts that can be made, other than food. My family is not into gifts that aren't practical, i.e. they wouldn't appreciate decorative items. A. We sisters exchange Christmas gifts at our Thanksgiving get together and we always try to do the

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