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November 26, 2001
125th issue

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o A Note From Keren
o Love Is Blind, But Creditors Aren’t –by Gary Foreman
o The Importance of Balance –by Staci Stallings
Greg Moore
o Recipes
o Readers Needs
o Readers Tips
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A Note from Keren

We have received a lot of recipes and I have included them in a new page
in the website, please go to I
did not classified the recipes by appetizers, main dishes, side dishes,
desserts, etc.  Ran out of time, but maybe in the future we will have a
more organized webpage.  I want to thank all the readers that shared their
favorite recipes; I have already tried a few and they are wonderful 🙂
Well, Christmas is here and would like to know what are your ideas for
Christmas gifts (inexpensive, meaningful, creative, etc), we will include
them in the newsletter.  And, please share with us your Christmas
traditions, we will post them throughout the month of December.
For those that order the Ginsu knives last week, your orders have been
processed, please know that due to the holiday season, the mail is a
little bit slower. 

Keren Wells

Love Is Blind, But Creditors Aren’t –by Gary Foreman

Dear Dollar Stretcher,
I am getting married next year and have a question concerning our
individual credit histories. I have good credit and my Fiance does not. I
have worked hard to maintain a good credit rating, paying more than the
minimum amount due each month. My Fiance however is not good at paying his
bills and unfortunately his credit is suffering because of it. I basically
have to remind him what’s due, how much, etc. If we get married will
whatever he has owed previously (before me) affect my credit or not? I
don’t want responsibility for something I had no involvement in. I
understand that whatever we do together after we are married is “ours” but
what about before? Can you please tell me what is right?

Amber’s right that just by getting married you do not assume the credit
history of your spouse. His bad record will not automatically contaminate
your good one. Your credit rating is only affected by what you do.
that you do yourself or jointly with someone else will be reflected on

But Amber is also correct that events after the marriage will effect both
of their credit files. And as time goes by their credit histories will
begin to look similar.
To read the article go to:

The Importance of Balance –by Staci Stallings

As a stay-at-home mom, I have had the distinct privilege of being involved
in several “mom-lifestyle” discussions. Most focus on the roll of mothers
in society today. Generally there are two camps. One says that a mother
should stay at home, be there for her family exclusively, and be willing
to sacrifice her very life and happiness for the happiness of the family.
The second group says no, a mother should be able to pursue her own
career, and although the family may suffer some, her dreams and goals
should be paramount.

In discussing this paradox with several people (including my own mother),
I have come to this conclusion-neither one works long term.

For a moment, I’d like to back track and see how….
To read the article go to:

and a 100% Debt.

I was driving back from the grocery store last Wednesday,
listening to the radio. The Mitsubishi car commercial with
the gravel-voiced announcer starts playing:
on what’s left of their 2001 cars.
“Wow!”… I thought. “Free cars! Now that’s patriotism.”
Then I realized that the “ZERO PAYMENTS” were only until 2003.
But, darned if this didn’t sound like a great deal, anyway.
According to the October Retail Sales reports released Nov. 14,
so did thousands of other Americans. October retail sales rose
7.1%. New car sales accounted for 85% of this rise — that’s
6.1 percentage points out of a total of 7.1 percentage points of
the rise are the result of new car sales.
Why were so many people buying so many cars in October?
You guessed it… no-interest financing offered by manufacturers.
I’m as patriotic as the next guy, but can a business really
borrow money at 3 percent, build a car with it, lend you the
car at 0 percent, and stay in business?
Not for long. Unless…
Suppose these car manufacturers are messing with the math.
Suppose they inflate the price of the car to cover at least a
portion, if not all, of their interest cost.
If the car manufacturer borrowed $20,000 at 3% for a year
and built your car with it, his interest cost is $600.
Would it be feasible to offer you a brand new car, sticker
priced at $21,000 with “ZERO this” and “ZERO that”, and have you
practically panting for that car?
Seems feasible to me. There’s even some room in there for the
dealer to let you “beat him down.”
Tack on some rustproofing, undercoating, extended warranty,
loan processing fees, and other profit options, and suddenly
what looked like a patriotic sacrifice is just clever marketing.
Meanwhile you get… debt.
Even at ZERO percent interest, you still owe monthly payments
for 24, 36 or 60 months. A lot can happen in 24, 36, or 60
What happens if you are late on a payment? ZERO Penalities?
If you need another vehicle, you need another vehicle. Just
don’t think that you’re necessarily getting a deal when all
you’re getting is ZERO.

Greg Moore is the author of the Debt Freedom Course, “DebtIntoWealth — Lessons from My Journey to Debt Freedom”. For your FREE Lesson 1 of this course, CLICK HERE:

This reader needs your help to find a recipe, please read her request:
I am looking for a recipe that I have used years ago
and have lost it. It is a frozen cranberry relish
using canned whole cranberry sauce, crushed pineapple,
and sour cream. Maybe someone will still have the
recipe.  Thank you   –Nancy Hensley
Do you have such recipe?  Please send it to editor


Readers Needs
Q. Does anyone know of anything that repels mice?  we have mice in our
attic and the exterminator charges high fees to come and distribute
chemicals.  is there a natural alternative that we could put up there
ourselves? Thanks!  Lisa

Send your answers to
Q. My son always has cat hairs on his clothes, even after I wash them they
still have cat hair.   Is there any way to clean this?   Thank You.   My
son always has cat hairs on his clothes, even after I wash them they still
have cat hair.   Is there any way to clean this?   Thank You.
Send your answers to

Q. One reader mentioned filling jars with ingredients for cookie or cake
recipies to give as gifts,I have seen these in stores and yes they are
expensive. I would like to make my own also, and decorate the jars and
with material ribbon etc.  I would love to hear from other readers what
recipies they suggest to put in the jars. Thanks and Have a Good Day! Dawn

Read the answers at:
Readers Tips

o I live in a large Amish community, and I also shop at the bread shop.
The Amish here have a salvage grocery store.  We have been shopping here
for years and if you don’t mind the dented cans, you can save alot.
When I shop I can go in there and spend 40 dollars and walk out of there
with a huge lettuce box overflowing with groceries.  We have never been
sick with anything that we have purchased there.  They check everything
very carefully.  I hope this helps for those on a tight budget.   My
husband and I are on disabily and it is hard to buy enough food for 1
month.  With this store we now have more than enough.
Sandra Thompson

o My family doesn’t like bread crusts so I save them at end of every loaf,
put in freezer and have my own bread ready for stuffing for holidays.
Just found a great product, when my dishwasher quit rinsing out the soap
compartment.  I ran Lime-a-Way thru it several times.  Couldn’t believe
how much lime Came off the racks, soap dish and agitators after about 6
years. Also used it on my clothes washer.  I intend to do this
periodically so it doesn’t get so bad next time. –Ruth
o  I always appreciate the energy saving tips you
include. I wanted to add one that I have learned:
Unplug things when you’re not using them. Things like
TVs and VCRs use a lot of power even when you aren’t
using them (especially if they are older models). My
rule is: “If it feels warm when it’s turned ‘off,’
unplug it.” We plug things into power strips and flip
the strip off when we’re done watching. I covered up
the electronic clocks with electrical tape so we don’t
notice them blinking when we turn them back on. It may
be that it’s just about pennies a month, but a penny
saved is a penny earned! ~ Happy Thanksgiving! from
o  Comments on using kitty litter to keep rabbits away from gardens.  Two points – be careful not to place too close to plants, it can damage them (and never use near edibles – there are organisms in cat waste that are harmful to humans (that’s why it can’t be added to compost piles).  Also, by
leaving kitty litter in the garden, you run the risk of attracting
neighborhood cats who will then use your gardens as supplemental litter
Please post your questions/answers to our new bulletin board. You can find directions here.


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