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The Frugal Life News – 12/3/01

The Frugal Life Newsletter

The Frugal Life
December 3rd, 2001
126th issue

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o A Note From Keren
o Space Heater Efficiency –by Gary Foreman
o WAYS TO SAVE ON GROOMING EXPENSES – PART 1–by Dr. Charlotte Gorman* o Recipes
o Readers Needs
o Readers Tips
o Disclaimer
o Subscription info

A Note from Keren 
Here is the newsletter at last!!…    I want to encourage everyone to take time to enjoy your family.  Christmas can be overwhelming if you are spending too much time shopping for family and friends.  I think we should take care of our relationship with our family and learn to slow down.  I have noticed that if I stop whatever I am doing to read a book to my daughter or go for a walk, it makes her happy.  Simple things in life can be enjoyed and they create healthy relationships.   By the way, I received this letter from Santa.  He asked me to include it in The Frugal Life Newsletter:   Dear friends,   Once again, the holiday shopping season is upon us.  Last year, I received a record number of requests for money to pay off credit card debt which was acquired during the previous holiday season.  This left me in an unfortunate situation.  I was forced to lay off 30 percent of my elves to free up more cash flow for you.  This year, please set a budget, and stick to it.  Decide who you’re buying for, and set a spending limit for each person on your list.  Also, remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to please the people in your life.  Gifts from the heart are the ones that matter the most.   Sincerely, Santa Claus  
Keren Wells
Space Heater Efficiency –by Gary Foreman

Hi Gary,
Here’s a heating question. I’m someone who really likes to be warm. If you
can believe it, I grew up in a house that was kept at 75 degrees in the
winter. I’m trying to adjust to a cooler house as an adult but it’s not
easy! Anyway, here’s the question. Which is more efficient, using my
electric space heater/fan which requires about 1000-1500 watts, or turning
up my relatively new, gas-powered, forced air furnace to heat up a good
sized two bedroom apartment? I’ve already done as much insulating as I can.
I’d really appreciate it if you could help me figure this out!

As someone who’s lived in Florida for years I can appreciate Connie’s
desire to keep warm! At the same time it’s also important to find ways to
do that without watching your energy bills go through the roof. Her
inclination is right. As a general rule, if you’re only going to be in one
room it will be cheaper to heat that single room than the whole apartment.
And a space heater is often a good choice.

To read the article go to:

Simply put, most people have to have at least a minimum amount of grooming. Some require more than others because of their particular jobs or contact with the public.

If not carefully controlled, the buying of grooming aids and services can take a large bite out of your budget. The suggestions below will help you keep you and your family properly groomed while keeping the expenses to a minimum.

1 . Buy grooming aids (such as hair color, hair spray, makeup, nail polish, facial tissue, razor blades, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream, hand and body lotion, and cleansing cream) on sale whenever possible instead of paying full price for them. Sometimes you can even find them at half-price or on special at “buy one, get one free.” Buying your grooming aids on sale could amount to sizable savings. If the sale prices warrant it, then stock up. You may even want to buy as much as a one-year (or more) supply if you have adequate storage space.

To read the article go to:

*****CHRISTMAS IDEAS*****   o  While wrapping Christmas gifts last week, my husband made a run to Taco
Bell.  After wrapping a bunch of gifts, I was stumped for a cute way to wrap
all of my sisters small gifts together.  Then I looked at the drink
carrier.  I spray painted it red, then put electrical tape in stripes
and painted it white. It looks like a candy cane pattern.  I used scraps
of leftover wrapping paper–by shredding them in the paper shredder–for
filler in the bottom of my gift basket.  The 2 larger gifts, I wrapped
up and put in the back 2 holes of the drink carrier. and  the front 2
holes I filled with the other cute goodies I picked out for her.  I then
wrapped it in clear cellophane and tied a ribbon on it.  A quick and
cheap gift package!    –Kristen   o    The past few years we have put together “family gifts” for Christmas.  One year we found some beautiful metal buckets with holiday motifs on them.  You can also do this with the plastic trays/dishes, metal trays, holiday cans, etc.  We purchased various snack items and divided them into equal amounts and put them into those cellophane holiday bags tied with holiday ribbon or yarn.  The packets of flavored hot chocolate mix or tea can be added as well.  Attach a holiday bow and tag and you’re set!  You can find many different holiday containers in metal and plastic.  They are usually on sale right after Christmas and can be stacked and stored for next year.  Sometimes these items are marked down several weeks before Christmas and can be used the same year.  Last year we found  cardboard photo/video boxes on sale and used them.  A Christmas towel was opened to cover the bottom of the box.  Packets of microwave popcorn, snack foods, hot chocolate mix and a gift card for video rental [or blank tapes] were included in the boxes.  No wrapping required!  Just tie some ribbon around the box and add a tag.  This year we found some beautiful green Ball jars which we will fill with our own “trail mix.”  We were going to wrap them with a Christmas towel but found that the Christmas potholder mitts will easily slide down over the jars and look pretty festive as well as unusual!  We will also create a batch of Pumpkin Butter and some small loaves of bread [cranberry, banana, apple-cinnamon, etc.].  Everyone loves to get these goodies instead of another gift they can’t or won’t use. –Eve
  o This year, I have found beautiful gifts to make for only $5.00 each and they look very expensive. You will need to buy 3 large clumps of silk flowers, 1 set of white Christmas lights, and a basket of some sort. I have found all of these for $1.00 each at a dollar store, or Big Lots in my area. The rest of the items used, you can get from your saved fabric scrap bags etc. Begin by getting a cotton ball, and saturate it in a scented oil, then hot glue it to the bottom of the basket (preferably over a bottom hole so you can drop more scented oil on the cotton to refresh it later from the bottom). Cut each flower so it is individual (leave a little stem), and glue a row around the rim with a hot glue gun on the basket. Weave your white lights in and out (leave the plug dangling long enough in the back to plug in) of the flowers while you glue more flowers to themselves to make a bouquet mixed with white lights.  Add a bow or fabric around the basket to match the flowers. If you have extra artificial baby’s breath, this also looks pretty stuck in, here and there. I have also used regular glue on the flower petals and added glitter to give them a beautiful sparkle. If you know the colors of the person’s house you are making these for, these baskets are a welcome gift, and each time they plug them in, they will think of you. LW    o  I’m doing 2 home made gifts this year.   (1)    My girls love paper dolls.  I’ve been saving shoe boxes all year and am going to paint them and Velcro them together to make a doll house that is easily storable.  The paper dolls are out of magazines and each box is going to represent a different room.   (2)    A play dough box.  I’ve been collecting containers and old kitchen items at garage sales and am going to take a large plastic box and fill it with all kinds of things to use with home made play dough. –Sarah

Here’s a recipe for the cranberry molds   1 can whole berry cranberry 8 oz crushed pineapple with juice 8 oz sour creme 1/2 c sugar 1 c chopped pecans mix together and freeze in muffin cups
Frozen Cranberry Salad –by Peggy 1 #2 can crushed pineapple, drained 1 can whole cranberry sauce 1 cup sour cream   Mix together and put in ice cube trays or in a 9×9 glass dish.  Sprinkle chopped nuts on top.  Freeze over night. Can be used for salad or dessert.

Thanks for all you do…I love the newsletter!  Since
you’ve started posting recipes, I hope some of your
readers can enjoy this one.  It’s a little bit
different from most holiday fare, is amazingly quick &
easy, and you can keep most ingredients on hand during
the holiday season without investing a fortune.

          Mock Smoked Salmon Spread

     1 small (flat) can salmon
     1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese, softened
     1/2 to 1 c. cocktail peanuts (without skins)
     3 to 5 green onions, sliced (depends on size)

     Drain salmon and transfer to medium mixing bowl;
remove bones (skin is opt.) and flake salmon.  Stir in
remaining ingredients to combine.  Chill and serve
with Fritos “Scoops”, buttery crackers, or melba
     NOTES:  May garnish with additional sliced green
onion, fresh chives, and/or roasted red pepper strips.
 Doubles well if you use one tall can of salmon and
double the cheese, nuts, and onions.  Tastes
surprisingly “smoked” because of the peanuts!



Readers Needs
Q. Does good perfume go bad after a while?  I have some expensive perfume which I use rarely but it seems that it smells differently now.  Is there a way to get it to smell like it used to?  Is there a way to make it last longer?   Send your answers to editor
  Q. Please help me!! I have a very expensive suit (Jones New York) light color – sort of manila envelope shade that somehow has ink stains on one of the sleeves. I have tried everything under the sun, including the manufacturer suggestions but nothing has worked. If any of your readers may have some ideas as to how to get rid of these stains, I would really appreciate it. The dry cleaners won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. HELP! –Patricia
Send answers to editor     Q. When I leave my cushions out on my lawn furniture, the neighborhood
cats like to come and do their business on them.
What can I use on or near them to keep them away?? Sometimes it’s very
late when our friends leave in the evening and I’m a bit too tired to
clean everything away so I wait till the morning.. Thank you.. –Beverly
Send answers to editor

~~~~~~ Last Week’s Readers Needs o Does anyone know of anything that repels mice?  we have mice in our
attic and the exterminator charges high fees to come and distribute
chemicals.  is there a natural alternative that we could put up there
ourselves? Thanks!  Lisa   To read the answers go to:   o  My son always has cat hairs on his clothes, even after I wash them they
still have cat hair.   Is there any way to clean this?   Thank You.   My
son always has cat hairs on his clothes, even after I wash them they still
have cat hair.   Is there any way to clean this?   Thank You.
To read the answers go to:
Readers Tips

o An additional tip to the one the reader mentions this month about lime away
in the dishwasher and washing machine:

Especially if you use powder detergents, we all get that soap buildup on
the agitator.  Years ago, my mother gave me this green tip for keeping the
washer clean.  Once or twice a year, fill up the washer with hot water,
add a 1/2 bottle of white vinegar.  Close the washer and let it sit for
an hour or so. After an hour, open the washer, take a cloth and wipe around
the top of the bowl, then turn the washer on to finish the cycle.  When
done, the soap scum will be gone, it will have a clean smell and you don’t
have to worry about residue on your clothes during the next wash.  
  o I have a tip for everyone.  If you have someone that is not a so-so
cook, my I suggest to make a gardening basket or a body pampering
basket.  You could fill a basket with seeds and small gardening tools,
gloves, etc.  As far as the body pampering, you can make your own bath
salts.  Place them in a jar that is decorated.  Place a small candle,
the trial size soaps and shampoos.  This way they can try a few things
without having to purchase a large bottle just to see if they like it.
This way you can give a gift that is very special and frugal too.
Sandra Thompson
If you have any frugal tips, please send them to editor

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