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Published Weekly by Randal Watkins
August 5, 2002




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What Could I Possibly Sell On Ebay?

Free Plants

Don’t Light Areas Needlessly







Hello Everyone,

Thanks so much for all the frugal tips concerning vacationing. This time of
a year I am sure many of our readers will be able to benefit from these

As always, thanks for your continued readership.

Until next week!

Randal Watkins



We’ve had tons of email from people who are saving money, but we’ve also had
requests for money “making” ideas as well.

I think everyone knows about the world of online auctions by now, but they
may not have any ideas on what they could sell. Most people think that they
need to have costly antiques before they can sell anything at auction, so
today, I thought I’d give listeners ideas on some “little known” items that
they can make some money on!

Of course we all know about ebay, which is by far the largest online auction
site, but if you do a quick search, you will find 100s of auction websites.

Here are a few interesting items that are actually being sold right now at
different online auctions. This will definitely stimulate your brain to come
up with some
money making ideas!

BROKEN dishes! Did you know that in many cases,
you can sell broken dishes for much higher prices
than non broken dishes? When you sell them as a
craft item to people that work with mosaic tile, they
will give a much higher price!
Sea Shells & Drift Wood:
If you live by the beach, start taking walks to collect
these money making items. Sell them to crafters,
furniture makers, and pet owners. They use the shells
& wood in their reptile cages.
If you live near the water, dig up some plants that
grow in & around the water & sell them as water
plants to gardeners.

My garden plants are always in need of dividing. This
spring, divide your plants, then put the extras up for
Packing Peanuts:
After you get your packages in the mail, turn around
& sell the packing peanuts as mailing supplies!
Points & Credits:
People are actually buying points that you save from
packaging such as; Betty Crocker, Kool Aid,
Campbell’s Soup Labels, Huggies Diaper points, and
cereal box tops.
People will buy pretty rocks to put on the top of a
houseplant pot.
Write grandma’s favorite recipe on a pretty recipe card
& make some money on them.
Do you have different types of birds? The feathers
sell as craft project materials.
Pictures & Magazine Ads:
I’ve seen pictures & advertisements from magazines,
that were taken out of the book & put into a frame,
that sold for big bucks!
Your Used Magazines:
People buy your past issues of different magazines!
I used to follow a certain magazine that was $4.95
brand new on the shelf in 2001, but ebay buyers
were paying $28 per issue! Why wouldn’t they just
get a subscription!
Items from the $1
I can’t tell you how many times that people have
purchased something at the $1 – then turned
around & sold it for $25!
You’re not going to believe this but…
Once, I actually saw someone who just made &
sold deeds to property on the moon from his
computer – then sold them for $28 – $58 on the
auction sites!!

Are you a good housekeeper? If so, you may want to
look into turning your ability into a wonderful cash-flow!
Most cleaners make $15-$25 per hour! Because you
use the homeowners products, all you spend is your
time & energy! Because of the demand for cleaners, in
most areas people are turning work away!

Copyright © of Pearl Sanborn – Reprinted with permission
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The best way to build your garden for wildlife is to take cuttings from
plants that have been successful in somebody else’s garden. Maybe you’ve
got some things in your yard that you’d like to have more of. Take a
cutting and root it. If you’re not sure about how to do this, here’s a good
online resource:
8 “>



Turn off the lights when they’re not being used. Much electric is wasted
with lights on in rooms not being used. You can also use a lower watt bulb
in areas like hallways where you simply need enough light to pass through.

Learn an appreciation for darkness, or at least, for less light. Some of
God’s greatest gifts are evident only in darkness that is increasingly rare.
Many urban children have never seen stars. We need to learn the pleasures
of candelight, firelight and starlight.

FRUGAL TIPS – From Our Subscribers

Response to our last tip – One of your recent tips in the 7/29/02 edition
stated that you can use a business card as a luggage tag. This person had
her home address and phone # on her business card attached as the luggage
tag. This would concern me since anyone seeing or handling the luggage would
know she was out of town and exactly where to go clean her out! Please don’t
put your home address on luggage tags!! SH


Q. Does anyone know how to successfully repel cats – we like them and do
not want to harm them, however they are using the kids sandbox and our horse
shoe pits as litter boxes! we’ve tried spraying the horse shoe pits with
hot pepper spray to no avail – Betty and Harold

Q. I’m having a terrible time removing dark eye make-up stains from light
colored terry cloth washcloths. I’ve tried a lot of different
things…desolvit, bleach, goop, spray ‘n wash, dishwasher powder,
soaking all night…nothing seems to work… any suggestions?? – Patty

Q. Does anyone know how to remove the pencil-like marks on dinnerware that
are caused by using stainless utensils to cut food or stir coffee? I’ve
tried powdered cleansers, even an abrasive eraser, but nothing really works.
Please help! – Barb

Q. My 7-yr old son is typically messy. One afternoon he managed to open a
Go-Gurt and it flew all over the interior back seats of my van. I tried to
use several stain and spot removers to get the stain out, but it’s not
working. Any suggestions on cleaning the interior cloth seats in a car?
Thanks! – Teresa

Q. We are in the process of building another house and our aim is to build
“green”. I need to know if any of you have any good or bad experience with
bamboo flooring or cork flooring. Thanks – Randal

Q. I left a lovely mostly white baby’s quilt in our motorhome for several
weeks. It must have gotten damp because now it has several big mildew stains
on it. I’ve tried everything I know of, including Oxyclean, Simple Green,
dishwasher detergent soaks, etc. They just won’t come out. The quilt appears
to be all cotton. Any suggestions for getting rid of them? Debbie B.

Q. My fiancee and I are planning a wedding for spring of 2003. We are
working with a tight budget, and would love to get some ideas from The
Frugal Life readers on how to go about this major task without depleting our
savings. We are planning to have the wedding and reception at a church,
which should be relatively inexpensive, and I will be taking our engagement
pictures. I’m especially concerned with the cost of catering. Also, I would
love to have some creative ideas for gifts for the wedding party (it will be
all family members). Thank you in advance for your wonderful ideas!!

Please post your questions/answers to our new bulletin board. You can find directions here.


Q. Is there any cell phone company that sells minutes that you don’t have
to replace on a monthly basis? I don’t use my cell phone enough to have a
contract plan or buy the minutes on a monthly basis. At the present time I
must buy minutes monthly or lose the minutes I don’t use. It might take me
six months to use up 60 minutes. Thanks, Debbie

You can find the answers at


Q. Vacations can blow our budgets very quickly and sneak up on us at the
same time. However, I am confident most of you have some frugal ideas for
vacations and travel that would help us plan better and prepare better for
them at the same time. I would sure enjoy hearing of those ideas. Remember
to just reply to the Editor.

Some great tips can be found at



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