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The Frugal Life – Living Well With What You Have

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Published Weekly by Randal Watkins September 23, 2002


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Hawk Migrations Mosquito Repellent Suggestions

A Heightened State of Alert!


Lawns Without Chemicals







Hello Everyone,

It rained some last night. Unfortunately, it was not as much as we needed to meet our drought requirements. However, it sure cooled our area down and we are grateful for it.

We went on a hawk watch this past Saturday and we were fortunate to see a broad wing hawk going directly over our heads. What an awesome sight!

Near where we live, they migrate from the North to the South. Actually, they ride the thermal currents to get over the Blue Ridge Mountain range. We are only about 45 minutes away from the mountains. Our new location will permit us to be much closer and able to see the mountains in a winter setting right out of our house windows.

Thanks again for your loyal readership, encouragement and support.

Until next time!



No… Not Al Qaeda Terrorists… Debt-Card statements!

Here’s a new, sneaky, practice brought to you by debt-card companies. What’s a “debt-card”? You probably know them by their marketing name, “credit-card”.

A client emailed me a copy of his 18% debt-card statement. It showed:

Past Due Amount: $0.00 New Balance: $142.30 Min. Pmt Due: $0.00

Get it?

No fanfare. No “gifts”. No explanation. Just a zero minimum payment due this month. This bill says, “Send No Money.” This is a clever variant of the “Payment Holiday” and “Skip-a-month” debt-card company profit enhancement strategies.

Of course, if he did exactly as they asked and sent no payment, what do you think would happen?

His balance would grow by 1.5%. 18% annual interest is 1.5% per month and this interest would be added to his balance. And quite likely, next month he’d get a bill that would read:

Past Due Amount: $142.30 New Balance: $144.43 Min. Pmt Due: $0.00

I know you’re smart enough to see through this game. The debt-card companies aren’t counting on you being dumb. They’re counting on you having a life!

Even if you regularly pay off your monthly balance, is it possible — given your job, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, doing laundry, servicing your car, grocery shopping, mowing the yard, and all of the other myriad things that demand your time and attention — to mistakenly think that you owed no money on this debt card?

And thereby make no payment?

That’s exactly what happened with my client. And he had to do some careful review of his statements, along with all of his other busy-life tasks, to figure out why he had incurred a dreaded interest charge.

So, stay ALERT. Read your statements carefully… until you get them paid off. Then destroy those cards. Don’t you have enough to worry about without adding “defending yourself against debt-card attacks” to your list?

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I’m sure everybody is seeing lots of birds now as migration has changed our views. Here’s a great site for information on birds:



You can have a beautiful, healthy lawn without applying chemicals that harm wildlife and our environment. Learn how to implement organic lawn care techniques in your own backyard. It will benefit wildlife, pets and children.

FRUGAL TIPS – From Our Subscribers

I find your letters very informative. This idea is mostly for the men that read it, although some women might find it usefull. I use an electrig razor every morning and take the head off to clean it. I noticed that after a few months the cutters were getting clogged with wiskers and I had to dismantle the razor head and cutters to clean it. It is a bit of work to completely take the razor head all apart and clean it with soap and water to remove the oil build up from your skin. After going through the process a couple of times, I decided to take a short cut. When the razor head started to get grungy, I took the head apart and put the pieces in the dishwasher basket that had a cover on it to keep light items from flying around. After the dishwasher was finished the razor head parts were as clean as new, and a lot less work for me to keep it clean. Now I put my razor head parts in the dishwasher about every month and a half. Try it you may like it. – Don

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Q. I’m hoping some of your inventive readers can help me with ways to repel armadillos before they completely ruin the yards and flower beds in our gated community. Is there anything safe for pets that can be used to repel them? Thank you for any suggestions.

Q. Does anyone know how to safely remove stains from the inside of a crock pot? I am referring to the outside metal cooker that gets warm, not the actual pot you cook food in. Q. The rubbery back of my bathroom throw rugs are shredding and peeling. Not only is it a nuisance, but now the rugs are slipping on the tile floors and I’m afraid someone will get hurt. It seems that laundering the rugs cause the backing to flake and crack off. Is there a way to wash them so they won’t do that? And is there anything I can use to fix the rugs that have now lost the non-skid coverings? Even the mosquito gets a pat on the back for a job well done. – Crystal

Q. We recently purchased a used vehicle.  The vehicle smells strongly of cigarette smoke.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of this odor?

Q. Our house smells sour (motel room like) no matter what we do!! We are very clean people– got any suggestions on how to permanently get rid of the odor. I’m tired of covering it up with candles, sprays, etc. I’ve even tried baking soda in the carpets! I also have to be careful because my children have horrible asthma/allergies. Thanks, Heather :)

Please post your questions/answers to our new bulletin board. You can find directions here.


Q. I would like to plant garlic for next year. i don’t know anything about it, can anyone help.

A. To grow garlic, you have to plant it in the fall. Right now would even be OK. I seperate an entire clove and plant them pointed side down, 1 clove to a hole. I love garlic and this is really fun to watch in the spring.

A. I have done this with good results. Prepare the area to be planted. Take a whole head of garlic, separate the cloves so that each clove has some root. Plant the cloves about 6″ apart, mulch well if you are north of the Mason-Dixon Line. The garlic will sprout in Spring, allow to grow untill the green tops are brown, then dig carefully. Lay out the garlic in a dry place for a week or so to dry. Then braid the dried tops and hang in your kitchen, or wherever. Good luck, Joy


Q. Does anyone have any idea how to get a fabric softener stain out of a cream colored cotton/poly dress? i was carrying an open cup of it, and my labrador jumped on me! i rinsed it in cold water immediately, and then laundered it, but there’s a definite stain now.

A. A coworker once had stained his uniform with fabric softener and one of the girls in the office told him to take a bar of soap (Ivory or other unscented would probably work best) and rub that over the stains before laundering as usual. It worked for him!


Q. Every year we have a dilemma during the holidays who will host what dinner and who will go to what dinner. Parents, inlaws, brothers and sisters etc… we have lots and lots of family nearby and the count is growing.

This year my sister wants to host Thanksgiving dinner and include everyone at her house this way, she won’t have to decline anyone or have to appear at more than one family function. She has the space, but considering the cost in dollars and time, she suggested a Potluck dinner. We are looking for suggestions on how to invite people and suggest what they should bring (so we dont have all salad or all dessert). She says she will make the turkey… We are also looking for suggestions on how to do this with minimal cost. (decorations, invitations etc.) The Frugal Life readers are always so clever, I’m hoping for some good ideas. Thanks, Your loyal reader – Stacy

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