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The Frugal Life – Living Well With What You Have


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Published Weekly by Randal Watkins
The Frugal Life
August 26, 2003

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Hello Everyone,

Soon school will be starting back, in some places it already has begun.
Hard to believe summer vacation has ended and now we are beginning our fall

This issue we have some great questions that need your assistance, please
take some time to share your ideas on the forum.

Remember we need your help in spreading the word about our other house that
we have for sale. We believe this home is for somebody else’s dream and hope
you will tell others about the website we have. If you have anybody moving
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no house in sight, total peace and quiet but within the
protective covenants of River Trails subdivision. $249,900
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We would appreciate any help you could provide in sending a buyer our way.

Thanks again for sharing and subscribing to The Frugal Life News.

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Financial media distractions will be one of your most difficult challenges
as you journey to Debt Freedom. This is because the printed word, television
talking head, or authoritative radio personality, carries a lot of
influence… especially when they start slinging statistics.

Currently making the rounds is the notion of borrowing against your home to
invest in the stock market.

It boils down to the same prayer behind all leveraged investments… that
being the fervent wish that you are able to cash-in investment growth that
is greater than your mortgage interest cost. You’re also praying that
investment GROWTH doesn’t turn into investment LOSS. This would have nasty
effect of putting your home at additional risk of foreclosure.

Does this sound like an attack of lunacy going around?

Well… good for you!

But to hear the purveyors of this idea tell the story, mortgage rates are
low, the stock market is coming out of the toilet, and if you have 15 or 20
years to carry out this plan, it’s a slam-dunk!

Of course, in 1999, when they were predicting the stock market would grow to
the sky, leveraged stock investing was a slam-dunk strategy back then, too.
A strategy many participants wish they’d never heard of.

This idea is dressed-up by predictions of stock market growth in the 12%
range and the hope that recent capital gains tax cuts are forever.

When you compare these predictions and prayers to your BENEFITS for paying
off your debts: Guaranteed rate-of-return, Tax-Free Interest Savings, and
only 5-7 years to pay everything off; you wonder whom these “experts” are
working for… and you also wonder why they want you to hock your home.


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By Mona Ankeny 

Growing the ingredients for your salad is a fresh delight. Doing it indoors
where the picking is easy is even better. An indoor harvest may not be
large, but what you do get will be tastier than anything at the market. 
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Here’s a site with some great ideas for romance. Some of these ideas are
frugal and others are not. They’ll take your ideas too! You can submit
them at the site.

Living frugally doesn’t mean you stop being romantic!


Here’s a site with some tips from a selling and buying perspective. Weather
is turning cooler and people are ready to get out there and shop outside
again. Time to sell some things BEFORE the holidays bring in more. It will
give you some holiday spending money too! Plan ahead and avoid the debt.


Here’s a kit with everything you will need to start making your
own pampering and cleaning products for pennies with the
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by Maria Gracia

Teach your children to clean and organize as soon as they’re old enough to
do so. If you help them do this now, you will be helping them when they’re
old enough to move out on their own.

This article has practical step-by-step ideas on organizing your children’s


Maybe you can help these folks out with a few suggestions? Or post some of
your own questions. LOG-IN TO POST Here’s the link: href=””> Forum

Questions Needing Answers at The Forum:

Cleaning Forum
1. My daughter recently bought a shirt that is white, with burgundy sleeves.  She hand-washed it in cold water, and hung it to dry (she air-dries all of her shirts to keep them from shrinking).  After it had dried, we noticed that the burgundy had bled onto the white…not all over the shirt, just where the burgundy sleeves meet the white part of the shirts, at the arms and neck, where the trim on the shirt is also burgundy.
First, I tried a bleach stick (Clorox), that didn’t work, so I went out and bought the RIT product to remove dye…however, I am afraid to use that as I don’t want to remove the burgundy from the sleeves.
I also have oxyclean, but have not tried that yet.
My questions are:  how can I get the burgundy off of the white without damaging the burgundy sleeves?  And, I’ve heard that soaking clothes in a mixture of salt, vinegar and water will prevent clothes from bleeding.  Does this really work?  My daughter also bought a shirt that is white with dark blue sleeves, and we don’t want it to bleed when we wash it.  Also, I picked up some Shout Color Catcher cloths.  Has anyone used those, and do they work?
Any advice would be really helpful.  I would hate to have to replace the burgundy and white shirt, as it was $21.00!
Thanks in advance!

Cooking Forum
1.Hi, I am new to this “frugal” lifestyle and was hoping someone might be
able to help me.  This fall my family and I will be picking 6 bushels of
apples.  I will be making applesauce, dried apples, apple pie filling, apple
butter, and hopefully apple juice.  I have searched the net to find an easy
recipe to make the juice (without buying a juicer).  If anyone has a recipe
or knows of a site I could visit it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in
advance – maw

Critters Forum
1 .Okay so here’s my problem… My kitty which we found outside about 2
years ago keeps pooping outside his litter box and covering it up with
things he finds around the house… He’s about 4 we think… he was about 2
years, spayed, and declawed when i found him… he never pee’s outside the
box, and knew what it was right away… but he’ll only poop in there once
and he poops about 3 or 4 times a day… and we’re not always home to clean
it everytime he goes to the washroom.. can aNYONE tell me what’s going on
and if there is anything i can do about it?

2. I would like to hear any input from someone who has been able to get rid
of thingyroaches successfully inside and or outside the home.  I just
sprayed a bunch of stuff, and also used pellets from the hardware store that
were to kill them in the lawn, but they are still out there.  I know Boric
acid is a help.  I read the info on ants, and was wanted to learn a bit more
about the roaches.  Do they have a nest, like the ants, where you want them
to take the poison (boric acid) to? Thank you for any input! – Carlala  

Finances Forum
1. Hi All ! I’m new to this, and need advice/tips from everyone I was a
big spender and have wasted thousands of dollars on junk that are piling up
in storage room   I’m trying to save, and control my urge to shop I want
tips from everyone on how they go about saving money, stop those shopping
urges, and any comments, stories  

Recipes Forum
1. I am looking for recipes for chocolate gravy. Yes it’s for real. It used
to be a real treat on Sunday after church.  As i remember it had the
consistency of good ol’ white (flour+milk) gravy. Oooh it tasted soooo good,
with hot homemade biscuits, it is quite a treat.   Also would like a recipe
for red-eye gravy, which is quite good also. Both these gravies were from
the good ol’ South, in Tennessee.     I sure hope someone can help me in
this quest. TIA, that is, thanks in advance for your help in this matter.



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