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The Garbage Gets Taken Out – The House Gets Cleaned – You Shower Every Day – What About Your Internal Body?

Microscopic organisms in the body are more common than you might think. In spite of our efforts and even government regulations, these organisms can take up residence in us and some can affect our ability to thrive.

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Parasite Cleanse

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January 27, 2004

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Hello Everyone,

Sorry I am late in this issue. Here in Virginia, we received 4 inches of snow yesterday. The snow prevented me from coming to the office to get the ezine out like I normally do. Today the temperature has risen some and the snowing has stopped too.

Hope all of you are doing well despite this strange weather we all are experiencing. Remember we can always use new frugal ideas on our forum. Also, this is a great resource to post any questions you might have that are related to frugality.

As always, we are grateful for your sharing and subscribing to The Frugal Life News.

Until next time,




For U.S. citizens, April 15th is Federal Income Tax Return Filing Day. Now that the holiday season is over, and we’re in the lull between college football bowl games and the Super Bowl, take a few moments to make sure you won’t have any nasty surprises on national tax filing day.

Estimate your tax liability for tax year 2003 and, using your final 2003 paycheck stub, determine if you have overwithheld, underwithheld, or magically broken even with the government.

If you have overwithheld, i.e., you expect a refund, file your taxes early so that you may use this refund to help you pay off debts.

If you have underwithheld, i.e., you will be writing a check to send along with your return, start saving now for the next three months to help pay your taxes.

You want to avoid creating debt to pay taxes, even if the IRS is your creditor, so, this is a good use of savings.

Use this simple tax estimation tool:


to calculate your taxes.

Let’s return to the subject, and the possibility, of receiving a substantial

In addition to filing your taxes as soon as possible to liberate your money so that you may use it wisely to build wealth by paying off debt, you must also determine why it was locked away in the first place.

When you correct this overwithholding, your refund will increase your take-home pay for each of your 2004 paychecks instead of serving time in the government’s vaults until next tax season.

This means you will have a fatter paycheck each month, rather than a large refund check after filing your annual return.

Use these tools:


to compute adjustments to your 2004 W-4 form.

In the event that you have underwithheld, and the government expects a check-in-the-mail from you, consider adjusting your W-4 exemptions to eliminate this deficit for next tax season.

Or, if you’re comfortable saving money for a few months, as described earlier in this article, then you can leave things as they are.

Be careful if you choose to leave things as they are. If you are penalized for not withholding enough, then definitely adjust your W-4 exemptions.

While we’re on the subject of taxes, here’s a strategy you can use to increase your deductions and reduce your taxes.

Recent tax code changes have reduced the number of itemizable deductions while increasing the standard deduction.

For married couples filing jointly, the standard deduction for 2003 is

This means that, for itemization of your home interest expense, property taxes, and any other deductions to make financial sense, the total must exceed $9,500. Otherwise, just take the standard deduction.

One way to increase your itemized deductions is to pay two years of property taxes in one calendar year.

Suppose your total itemized deductions equal $9,000. They’re useless because of the standard deduction.

Suppose, also, that your property taxes are $5,000.

In Texas, property taxes are due in December but may be paid as late as the following January 31 without penalty. Make sure your state has similar requirements.

So, pay 2004 property taxes in January 2005 and pay 2005 property taxes in December 2005, for a total $10,000 property tax deduction in 2005.

Add this to your other itemizable deductions and you will comfortably exceed the $9,500 standard deduction.

You can only do this every other year, so in 2006 you will simply take the standard deduction and double-up again in 2007.


Payoff All of your Debts in 5-7 Years using the money you ALREADY make!

Greg Moore is the author of the Debt Freedom Course, “DebtIntoWealth — Lessons from My Journey to Debt Freedom”.

To discover why:

“Americans are carrying more debt than ever before and are behind payments in record numbers…” — New York Post

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FINANCING HIGHER EDUCATION – By: Liz Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Whether you‚re a parent or working adult (or both), you have a variety of options when it comes to furthering your education. Most people think, once they have a career or have been away from school for a few years, that they have given up the opportunity to earn their degree. With the ever-increasing costs of tuition, room and board, books, etc. that goes along with earning a degree, attending college is even difficult for many teens, let alone working adults. Adults, though perhaps not „going away to school,‰ will lose vital time at work and thus incur all the same costs plus the costs associated with losing the pay you would otherwise earn.

Now, regardless of the flexibility of your budget and your free time, you have many options that will allow you to prepare for a specific career. These include vocational programs or trade schools, and will let you earn your degree or certification in less than four years, and, sometimes, in less than two. There are vocational schools in nearly every field including fashion and design, fine arts, medicine, computers, culinary, and many more. Vocational schools are a great option because they cater to working adults by offering night and weekend classes.

If you want to continue working full-time and need more flexibility than a nighttime class will offer, an online degree could be a great option for you. You must be self-motivated to attend an online college because you set your own schedule and it is your responsibility to complete your work, which appeals to many working professionals. You can even take a variety of courses online, such as law courses, art courses, business degree courses, and even interior designing courses. Perhaps most importantly, at online universities, tuition is significantly less than that at the average college or university because costs like buildings, classrooms, and janitorial staff are avoided.

Whatever your situation, financial or otherwise, you should research your options to determine which degree program works best for your lifestyle. A four-year university is also, clearly, an excellent choice, but just keep in mind that it‚s not the only one and certainly not the least expensive one. There are a lot of different possibilities available and, chances are you‚ll find a degree program that caters to you. An education is always an asset, so consider your options, talk to your family, and figure out how you can develop your future.

Vocational Programs
Trade Schools
Fashion and Design
An Online College
Law Courses
Art Courses
Business Degree Courses
Interior Designing Courses


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The chemical salts used to de-ice driveways and walkways do a lot of damage to grass, bulbs and perennials. There are some natural ways to handle the situation and save your plants. Here are a few ice breakers that are environmentally safe.

De-Ice: Alfalfa Meal – This is a totally natural fertilizer that contains nitrogen to promote ice melting and has a texture to provide traction while it works.

Traction: Cover ice with wood ashes, coal cinders, sand, or cat litter.


Here’s a kit with everything you will need to start making your own pampering and cleaning products for pennies with the easy-to-follow recipe guide.
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If you’ve tried alcohol and it hasn’t worked or you want a “smoother” way of removing it so you don’t scratch plastic or leave a residual sticky surface, try this:

1. Apply a thick coat of cooking oil to the label and allow it to soak in, undisturbed, for 24 hours.

2. Try to peel the label off. If it comes readily, proceed to the next step. If it doesn’t, repeat steps 1 and 2. (Many labels require more than one application)

3. After the label has been peeled off, some sticky glue will remain. To remove it, coat the area with oil a final time and allow it to sit

4. Wipe off the oil and dissolved glue, then wash the container in hot, soapy water. No trace of label or glue will remain.


Maybe you can help these folks out with a few suggestions? Or post some of your own questions. LOG-IN TO POST Here’s the link:
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Questions Needing Answers at The Forum:

1. Critters Forum I live on the Texas coast and my whole block seems to be infested with cut ants, a.k.a., carpenter ants, texas red cut ants,and I know there are about 3 more names but i cant remember them all. any way they can totally strip my hibiscus plant over night. they have stripped tons of leaves off my 25 yr. old ash tree and they’re nests are everywhere. they completely surround my neighbors house around the foundation and they burrow deep into the ground. i have found out that they don’t actually eat the leaves that they strip from trees and bushes etc. but they take them down into the tunnels and let them rot.

Please help me with any suggestions as to eradicating them  as they have done untold damage to my landscape plants as well as my old trees not to mention the money I’ve spent all to no avail. I’ve been told the only real way to get rid of them is to hire a professional who sticks a wand or something like it down into the tunnel and forces a poisonous smoke into them. the only problem with that is the main part of the nest can be upwards of a mile away. please help. thanks

2. Miscellaneous Forum
Hello, I am trying to build an electrical generator ,using my wood stove as a source of power,. does anyone have any knowledge of this sort of thing,. t/y



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