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The Frugal Life – Living Well With What You Have

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s Price Reduced On Nature’s Sunshine’s Para-Cleanse Para-Cleanse is the only cleansing product on the market that contains an extract of Paw Paw for more complete results in cleansing parasites. The herbs in Para-Cleanse work synergistically to create an environment that supports the health and viability of “healthy” microorganisms, also known as intestinal flora. Other formulas included in the cleanse packet make the intestines inhospitable to foreign invaders, and help cleanse debris and lubricate the colon to optimize intestinal function. Now it’s even more affordable to make this part of your Fall Cleaning program for your body because Nature’s Sunshine has lowered the price. Read more about Para-Cleanse here: Para-Cleanse for Parasites ******************** The Frugal Life News October 11, 2004 Edition ****************** A Note From Randal ****************** Hello Everyone, *********** Do You Know the Founder of The Frugal Life Site? Many of you may remember that Sarah Kennington began The Frugal Life website. My wife was blessed to have met her online and we visited her on one of our trips. That was our first time going to somebody’s house that we’d met online. We had been invited to stay there. What a delight! Not only was she and her husband a treasure to call friends, but her children were an added bonus! Well….many years have passed since we made that visit and a few years ago she emailed and asked if we’d like to have The Frugal Life site since she was moving on to another adventure. If you know, Sarah, she’s always on the move …. so now she’s made a business of her garage sale trips by being a seller on If you have any books you’re looking for, be sure to use her search engine to see if she’s got it. Her entire garage has been converted to a “book room” for the books, music and other items she’s got for sale. Here’s the site: ********** We are grateful for all of you who share our sites and ezines with your friends and family members. Frugally yours, Randal ********************************* Frugal Finances – ********************************* Dos and Don’ts of Credit Cards ?The prudent sees the evil and hides himself, but the ?na go on, and are punished for it? (Proverbs 22:3). Credit and credit cards do not cause financial problems. It is the abuse and misuse of credit and credit cards that create financial problems. However, through discipline consumers can enjoy the convenience of credit cards without falling into the debt trap so often associated with the use of credit cards. The following are suggestions on how you can use credit cards for your benefit and convenience and yet not allow them to control you. Credit card applications If you are not interested in an unsolicited or pre-approved credit application you received in the mail, don?t throw it in the trash. A thief who finds it can take out an account in your name and begin charging. Always destroy the application by cutting it into pieces and disposing of the pieces in three or four different waste receptacles. Another option is to mark through the application and mail it back to the sender in the post-paid envelope that came with the offer. You can note on the application that you wish to be removed from their mailing list. If you want to stop the other offers from being mailed to you write to Equifax Options, PO Box 740123, Atlanta GA 30374-0123. Along with a request to remove your name from credit application mailing lists, include your name, full mailing address, Social Security number, and signature. Equifax is one of the three major credit reporting agencies. They will remove your name from the list they provide and will forward your request to the other two agencies: Experian and TransUnion. Using credit cards The following suggestions will help you control the use of credit cards. * Ask your bank for an extra checkbook register (they generally provide these free) to keep track of credit card purchases and payments. Do this the same way that you record checking account transactions. * Never use credit cards for anything except budgeted purchases. * Always keep in mind that just because you might be able to afford something does not mean you have to buy it. * Carry a credit card with you only if you carry a $0 or near $0 balance. If you have a credit card balance, keep the credit cards in a safe inconvenient place that is out of sight; do not carry them with you. * Retain only one all-purpose, no-fee credit card. Cancel all others. Accept a credit limit that you can easily pay in full on your present income, and reject all credit limit increases. * If stores add a surcharge to your bill for paying with a credit card, you can refuse to pay it. Most credit card companies do not allow vendors to add a surcharge to credit card purchases. Paying the bill Credit card interest is a waste of money. Pay your bill off every month during the grace period. By paying off your credit card balance monthly you will never have to pay interest charges. On the same day that you made a charge on your credit card, deduct the charge from the appropriate budget category. You spent the money, so it is no longer money that is available to spend. As soon as the statement comes in, mail the full payment immediately. If your credit card company charges you a fee for not carrying a balance, cancel the card. If you can?t pay The very first month you have a credit card bill that you cannot pay in full, destroy the credit card, never use it again, do not get another one, and try to pay the balance off as soon as possible. Make the payments as early in the billing month as you can or make two smaller payments a month if you can?t pay early. Most banks calculate interest on the average daily balance. The larger the payment and the sooner in the month you make it, the more of it will apply to the principal. After balance is paid If you feel you must have a credit card, try using a debit card. A debit card works like a check: it debits your checking account the amount you charged. If you need a credit card in order to confirm hotel and car rental reservations and they will not accept a debit card, make sure you store the card in an inconvenient and difficult-to-access place where you will not be tempted to use it for other things. Some financial counselors recommend freezing the credit card in a block of ice and keeping the account number and the customer service telephone number in a safe place if you need to confirm a reservation. Conclusion The best way to avoid financial problems is to avoid the traps that cause financial problems. The primary cause of financial problems for most families is the misuse and abuse of credit cards. If families can function without credit cards, it is to their advantage. If they feel that they need a credit card, disciplined use and paying off the balance monthly will ensure that the credit card privilege will not be abused. Used by permission from here Editor’s Note – The best way to have enough money to pay off the credit cards is to be debt free. Consider signing up for the Free lesson below to learn how. *************************** Free Lesson #1 – Debt Freedom Course *************************** Pay off all of your debt in 5-7 years using the money you already make. Find out why financial guru and best-selling author, Suze Orman, is advising her millions of followers to “Pay Everything Off as Fast As Possible!” ***************************************** Frugal Parenting ***************** Breastfeeding Saves Money and Makes Money “I am breastfeeding my daughter ($170 for the nursing bras and a manual pump versus $1200 to $2000 for one year of formula), but the formula companies keep sending me coupons anyway. So I sell them on eBay and make between a fourth and two-thirds of their face value on each sale.” From Budget Living, October 2004, submitted by Julie Tardos **************** Frugal Shopping **************** Women! Buy the Men’s Deodorant! For most popular brands, men’s and women’s antiperspirants are usually priced the same, but the men’s version tends to be larger. I buy unscented anyway, so I choose the men’s version, which goes further. From Budget Living submitted by D. Morris in Michigan — Make Your Own Home And Beauty Products Bath, Beauty, Perfumes, Cleaning and Air Freshener/Deodorizer Essential oil kits allow you to make your own safe non-chemical home and beauty products. You’ll save a lot and feel better about making your home less toxic for yourself, children and pets. The Starter Pack has a Recipe Guide with tons of ideas. Make Your Own Home and Beauty Products ****************** Frugal Water Use ****************** Saving Water Saves Money! To further aid the environment, and enhance your checkbook, swap your typical 5-gallon-per-minute (GPM) showerhead for a 2.5 GPM nozzle. Making the switch will save you approximately 27,375 gallons of water (and $40 to $140) a year, assuming that your shower is in use for at least 30 minutes a day. Installations are easy. The Home Depot offers a selection of models starting at $7. Before hitting the stores, you should check out the American Water Works Association website , which lists community incentive programs. Some give vouchers for water-conserving showerheads or toilets, and others offer them free of charge to encourage people to just go with the (low) flow. Source: Budget Living, October/November 2004 *********** Frugal Pets *********** Herbal Heartworm Program and Prevention Robin Sockness works with pet owners with an individualized program and has currently worked with over 300 dogs. Herbs are safer and less expensive so it’s a win-win situation for all. Prevention programs are available also. Read more about it here: Herbal Heartworm Program & Prevention Free Information, Free Ecards, and Pet Foods Too! Healthy Pet Corner provides lots of information and links for birds, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and reptiles. Healthy Pet Corner – Your Pet Portal ************ Frugal Tips ************ Using Coffeemakers in Hotel Rooms An in-room coffeemaker can be a budget traveler’s best friend if your hotel has no microwave. I run the water through the machine without coffee and use the heated water for breakfast (with instant oatmeal) and dinner (envelopes of soup). From Budget Living magazine submitted by Karen P. Hunt in Michigan Easy Peel Eggs Hard-boiled eggs will peel more easily if you boil them in salted water. **************************** What’s Going On In The Forum **************************** Maybe you can help these folks out with a few suggestions? Or post some of your own questions. Log-In To Post Here’s the link: Forum Questions Needing Answers At The Forum Cleaning Forum 1. We just moved to a new home and I didn`t relize my kitchen chairs were leaving dents in my floor so i fixed that BUT when we have moved the chairs arround now i have scuff marks on my floor( white ) and i can not get rid of them . Does anyone know what i could try to get rid of these marks? Thank you Do-It-Yourself Forum 1. I have wallpaper in my bathroom the paper is already remove but it is all pitted underneath i dont know if  that is from the paste or if it is plaster i tried to sand it with a real course paper for stripping and i also tried to use a wallpaper scraper but nothing seems to be working very well i need HELP! 2. Can anyone tell me how to make slip covers for my couch and chair? The arms have a pillow to them so i would like to fit the shape. I have some heavey duty curtains i was hoping to use, is that possible? Recycle/Reuse Forum 1. Hi!  I am always trying to figure out ways to recycle the tons of stuff we throw away at work (I work in retail).  One object eludes me, though.  We throw away the plastic cylinders that are in the middle of our register receipt rolls when the paper runs out.  They are white plastic, about 3″long, and hollow.  Any ideas on what I could do with these?  The only thing I have thought of so far is bringing them home for the kids to use to build something. ************************* Home Based Business Ideas ************************* Home Spa Party Plan – Make Bath and Body Products Have you noticed how popular bath and pampering products have become? The HomeSpa Party Plan taps into that craze. Guests at HomeSpa parties will learn how to make bath salts, personalized perfumes, body spritzers and more using essential oils, while you make a nice income from Nature’s Sunshine. Home Spa Party Flint River Ranch – Oven Baked Pet Foods If you have pets, they’ll love Flint River and you can make an income providing good pet foods and other pet products to friends, neighbors and your family. Pets keep eating, so customers keep buying. If you love animals, this is a very rewarding home-based business. With only 100 volume a month you can earn 19% on all sales. Websites are not yet available. Flint River Ranch Nature’s Sunshine Products – Herbs and Supplements If you’ve been a natural health nut, you have a lot of information to share. Earn an income selling over 500 natural health products, beverages, essential oils, skin care systems, water filters, and more. Websites are also available for $15.95/month (plus an initial $19.95 set-up fee). Nature’s Sunshine Products Life’s Abundance Foods and Supplements Life’s Abundance products by Dr. Jane Bicks and Dr. Barry Sears who developed the Zone Diet for Overweight Dogs. Besides dog, cat and horse products, they have a non-toxic line of cleaning products – safe for pets and children. Websites available for $10.95/month (plus an initial $20 set-up fee). Healthy Pet Net ZoneNet Health Products ZoneNet products are produced by the same company that produces Life’s Abundance. ZoneNet products are backed by the research and wisdom of Dr. Barry Sears one of America’s most trusted health and wellness experts. Their mission is to to develop superior functional food products that help people achieve long-term wellness. Check out his unique products at ZoneNet Health Products *************** Legal Disclaimer *************** Information in The Frugal Life News (TFL) has been derived from sources believed accurate and reliable. In no event shall *The Frugal Life,* Randal Watkins, or the TFL staff be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from any action arising in connection with the use of information herein. TFL does not knowingly accept ads from advertisers deemed detrimental to TFL’s readers, however, publication of an ad in TFL does not constitute an endorsement for such product or service. There is no remuneration for suggestions, tips, or ideas submitted by readers. All suggestions, tips, and ideas, submitted for publication in The Frugal Life, become the property of The Frugal Life, notwithstanding similar rights of the reader submitting such suggestions, tips, or ideas. TFL publishes readers’ names with their suggestions, tips, and ideas unless a reader requests otherwise at the time of the submission.

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