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 Removing Ink From Furniture

Removing Ink From Furniture

Q. I found my dog had slept on the sofa with a pen, cap off, and it bled all over the seat. Is there any way, after sitting for a week, to remove it? Thanks, Sara

If this is a fabric sofa, non-aerosol hair spray and a toothbrush will take the stain out. Just remember after removing the stain to go over the spot with water to prevent a hair spray stain. Melissa

Hairspray gets ink out of fabrics, I would try praying it on and blotting gently, follow with an upholstery cleaner. Atela

We had this happen on our beige rug. I was able to remove most of it with hair spray. Soak (really soak!!!) the stain with hair spray and BLOT like crazy, repeat and repeat and repeat. It really does work. Gonzo sells a stain remover (I get it at Joann’s Fabrics) that will take out ANYTHING. It’s great stuff. I know it will work on ink because I used it on a white blouse. Good luck  Linda

I had an ink pen leak on my sofa once and I took hair spray a saturated it than did some dabbing with a rag.  It got most of it out after a couple times of doing this than I washed the cushion cover in the wash.  It is gone now.  If the cushion cover don’t come off, that is something and this trick might work but using a carpet shampooer with an attachment. Good luck Kellie

In your question on ink stains, hairspray is one of my favorites to use. It will take ink off hard surfaces like wood and metal as well as fabric. If your cushion has a zipper, hold a wad of paper towels inside underneath the ink stain. Spray the hairspray on the outside and also blot on the outside with more paper towels. You will need to repeat until the stain is gone. If you can take the cover off the cushion, you can use de-natured alcohol in the same manner as the hairspray and when the stain is neutralized, you can dip the cover in a solution of borax and Fells Naptha soap in warm water to remove the alcohol.  Crystal

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