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Removing Pink From A Sweater

Removing Pink From A Sweater

Q. Help! Due to a laundering "accident", one of my favorite black and white sweaters is now black and "pink", having been put in the wash with a burgundy dress. OOPS! Even though I only paid $1 for it at a garage sale, I can’t bear to throw it out until I am absolutely certain nothing can be done. I have tried rewashing it a few times with no results…does anyone have any ideas how I can get the pink out (I am willing to try something a little risky, since nothing else has worked so far). Thanks! Karen M.

I did the same thing to a blue and white sweater. I soaked it in the sink in water with dishwasher soap in it. It took a few times because I didn’t know how much soap to use but the pink eventually came out. I never dried it in the dryer until it all came out. the only catch may be that if all of the strands are not colorfast it may lighten them.  Jo. K.

Rit makes a product specifically to use in the washer to remove dye "bleeds".  It is usually with the cleaning products at my Wal-Mart; there’s a whole section devoted to "special" stains.  Rit makes one and also, there’s another company that makes a dye remover that’s specifically for this problem.  Good luck! Lauryi K.

I heard recently that using a tablet that cleans dentures will whiten and take stains out. I’ve never tried it myself (yet). Put the item in water and add the tablet, when the fizzing stops – it’s done!! I don’t think this would hurt the black color, so it may be worth a try. Hope it works!!  Shirley W.


I have used the sun to remove stains from white clothes – the sun has natural bleaching properties. As a final straw, I would suggest setting the sweater in the sun for a few days!  Tyler & Stacy 

This helped with a son’s favorite concert shirt that turned pink in the wash. Take a 5 gallon bucket or large pot that won’t leak ( tub leaks don’t use it need long time) add water with some dishwasher liquid (electrosol etc) and let the object soak for about 12 to 24 hours. I forgot his for a day so that may have helped . Rinse in tub and check to see if needs to soak more. repeat with fresh water and soap if necessary. then wash and dry ( not in dryer will set the dye that has run if not all out ) .  Hope this helps it work with the concert shirt came out like new.  Siobhanb

Have you tried the Dye Magnet that they sell at various stores? I have seen them at WalMart and I have bought one at JoAnn Fabrics. I have used it successfully to remove colors. Costs around $7.00 but can be used for up to about 50 wash loads. I know a lot of quitters who use it for bleeding fabrics.  G. Looker

The most important tip for removing any stain is DON’T APPLY HEAT.  You mentioned that you tried washing your stained dress several times.  If you dried it in the drier between washings, your dress probably can’t be saved. Otherwise, get a RIT stain removal package, which you will find where they sell RIT dyes. It is perfect for removing colors that have bled from another clothing item in your wash.  -Holly

Wallmart carries a product that removes bleeding from fabric. One load worth costs about a dollar. I was amazed-I discovered pink bleeding on a black and white shirt after the item had been in the dryer on "microwave". I really didn’t expect it to work. Somehow, the stuff removed the red dye but didn’t affect the black at all. When you first add the powder to the wash, however, the water turns bright purple-I really thought I’d ruined the garment but it worked great.

There is a product called Goo Gone that is wonderful. It removed my son’s crayon artwork off my kitchen wall and claims to remove candle wax from all kinds of surfaces. It is great for all kinds of messes.  Stephanie M.

I too had a daughter who got nail polish on a dress. Although it was not beige it still was necessary to get it out as it was a good dress.  This is what I did….. Take paper toweling and place behind the fabric where the stain is.  Next take a cotton ball or paper toweling with nail polish remover and BLOT the polish out. This works really well. Launder the item as usual.  Hope this helps.  Monica R.

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